Plaid Britches from Gretchen Scott

January 19, 2019


UPDATE: M&F in Fairhope now has an online store so you can shop from home!

Notice no one is paying attention to me because this is normal at our house. It’s great hand-eye coordination practice for ladies my age and much more fun than trying to rock and knit at the same time.

I posted this picture my husband took of me twirling my baton in the kitchen this past Christmas and no one seemed surprised (because I do it all the time), but everyone went crazy over my pants. Ta-da!

I’ve received more questions by email and at the Piggly Wiggly about where I got those britches than anything else I’ve written about in a long time, so I thought I’d tell you about them.

I bought them this past fall at one of my favorite boutiques in downtown Fairhope, M&F Casuals. They’re made by Gretchen Scott, one of my favorite companies for cute dresses. They use fabric that feels like comfy work-out clothes and can be tossed in a suitcase without a single wrinkle to be found when you arrive at your glamorous destination.

Do you remember when I spoke at Prodisee Pantry last year right after I had (a little) heart surgery? I told you, “I threw on a favorite dress and instantly felt better.” Well . . . it was a Gretchen Scott dress in my favorite orange my husband had bought for my birthday! I also have this same dress in a blue willow pattern (yes, like the dishes! Ooo!!!) Most ladies want to toss their wardrobe after a year or so, but I love these outfits so much, I’ve kept them for years. It’s like a collection now. I wrote a story once about a dress I wore when my son was baptized and didn’t get rid of until he was a senior in high school. I was tormented all night and the next day ran down to the donation center to get it back, but someone had already bought it. I’ve kept my eyes open for that woman so I can make her an offer she can’t refuse. Good dresses are hard to find.

This hot pink and orange pattern is my favorite Gretchen Scott dress ever-ever-ever! I wore it one day and got compliments from eight different people, including a man camped out on the street in downtown Mobile. He said something about, “Jazzy!” I’m telling you, everyone loves Gretchen Scott! If you ever run into me anytime over the next 20 years, I’ll probably be wearing this dress. (now I’m craving a hamburger from Manci’s).

The pants also come in red.

The first time I washed these pants, they came out looking faded and I knew something was wrong since the dresses are easy to toss in the wash and have never faded even a tiny bit. Since I had followed the directions on the label, I let the company know what happened and included a photo, and without hesitation, they sent me a brand new pair. Things happen and I can understand that occasionally there’s a problem with a batch of fabric, but to send me a beautiful new pair with no fuss whatsoever was completely above and beyond what most companies would do. I was very impressed with their service. There aren’t enough nice people like this these days.

You can shop for Gretchen Scott here in Fairhope at M&F Casuals or go to their web site HERE. If you call them, I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you over the phone, or you can go to the Gretchen Scott web site HERE.

Happy twirling!

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