Picnic Time in Fairhope

June 26, 2015


Retro Picnic, Fairhope AL, Fairhope Supply Co.

Picnics!!! I just love them! Even though the weather in Fairhope has passed “warm,” and has officially soared into “hot,” it’s still so beautiful outside, we continue to move our meals outdoors in the beautiful summer sun. Especially if we’re near the water, we can always pick up a cool breeze.

Picnic food, Fairhope ALHere’s a “Tourte Milanese” which is perfect to serve at a picnic. No muss, no fuss. Well, a little fuss, but it’s worth it. In all honesty, with the exception of a few weeks here and there, we can pretty much picnic year round.

Cobbler in jars overlooking Mobile Bay in Fairhope ALDo you remember my winter picnic on the bluff  overlooking Mobile Bay?  (HERE)

Picnic Food PinterestOr for a little more casual take on picnic food, try Walking Tacos. I think they are absolutely barbaric, but teenagers seem to love them. Okay, I’d eat one in my own house. With the shades drawn. And the doors locked. Licking the deep, bottom corner. But on some level, eating out of a bag is better than chocolate cake yucky. I guess you would wash it down by drinking something straight out of a can, or so I’ve heard.

Dress for a picnic, Fairhope AL

How’s this for the perfect picnic outfit? Ooo! I’d give anything to find a dress like this! But if you think this is cute, take a look at this picnic-chick . . .

Picnic Barbie Doll, Fairhope Supply Co. blogPicnic Barbie! That’s what she’s called. Yes little girls, this is what you should strive to be – a fisherman in high heels.

picnic hamper, Fairhope AL

Isn’t this the most gorgeous picnic hamper ever? No crinkly bags or cans here.

Picnic in Fairhope AL, Mobile BayHere’s a photo I’ve used many times before of a real picnic I had with my Sweetie Pie. I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret. The wine was so horrible, that I spewed it all over the beach, a-la-I-Love-Lucy! How ladylike was that? (Thank goodness the paparazzi had already left). And that’s saying a lot because I’ve rarely met a wine I couldn’t choke down, but it looks good in the photo, right?

Picnic Ideas, Fairhope Alabama

I’ve made a collection of all these wonderful picnic items, recipes, baskets and much, much MORE! Click over HERE to see over 150 images and ideas on “Picnic Time” on Pinterest!

Now, do tell . . . what are your favorite picnic recipes or memories? (Do they involve eating out of a bag?)

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  1. My favorite would be picnic on the beach although sand getting in the food is a hazard. Potato chips are a good thing to serve since a little sand just adds more crunch.

  2. I hate to tell you this but there was this thing called a frito chili pie that was served in the bag at football game concession stands during my high school days in Texas. And yes, I have eaten one! Don’t tell…

  3. That station wagon photo brought back many memories of my family packing up the station wagon for a picnic by Walden Pond (really)…all the fixins’ for a picnic and seven kids packed in a wood paneled wagon…everyone survived and we still love to talk about it.

  4. My Mothers’ picnics were usually simple tomato sandwiches but we lived in Knoxville and the surrounding mountains provided rocks to climb and streams to play in. Wonderful picnics in the woods memories.

  5. Had never heard of a “Tourte Milanese” but after looking up the recipe it does seem like it would make any picnic extra special……….now if I can only find a red checked dress. Love your blog!

  6. Visiting from Linda’s today. Love all of the pictures with the ideas here. I love picnics especially with my 4 grandbabies! So much fun! I love the old traditional picnic basket with the red and white checkered napkins and tablescloth. And though my picnic menu varies from time to time I must say…just can’t beat good old southern fried chicken! Enjoyed this post a lot today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. great post! i love pic nics! for the few years where my kids were in the between age where sitting at a restaurant made them restless we always packed pic nics for mother & father’s day. kept everyone entertained & happy. love that vintage pic nic set & i’ll be trying that tourte milanese recipe. thanks for sharing! loved the whole pintrest page. happy 4th of july. maryjo

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