Photo Lessons in New Orleans

January 2, 2014


With New Orleans being a close two and a half hour drive west of Fairhope, we always try to scoot over for a visit a few times a year. This week, we took time for a post –Christmas visit.
PhotoNola is an annual photography exhibition that takes place throughout the city. Even though the official show had ended, there were still many local galleries continuing to display the iconic images.
I have two teens who are very interested in the subject, and they were able to see their first in-person photos from famous artists like Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton,  Henri Cartier -Bresson and Yosef Karsh.
These photographs were taken by my 14 year old who is still learning to use
some of his new equipment he received for Christmas.

He captured some great moments as we strolled through the French Quarter and was very happy when I told him I would share them with you.
It’s fun to watch your children develop their hobbies.
Especially when the hobby doesn’t involve creating unusual amounts of teenage chaos.

With his deceivingly innocent charm, people were very open to allowing my son to photograph them. After asking permission, this man agreed to a few snap shots. He was eating his dinner with two pencils, like chopsticks, on the shore of the Mississippi River. He was sharing his food with his pet duck, “Bill.” The worn suitcase served as his table as well as a container for his possessions.
And do you think my husband and I saw this happen?
We had our backs turned, watching a street performance.
Parents of the year.
Thank goodness, his older brother was with him.
We gave him a good talkin’ – to, but he had been very respectful and the photo was beautiful. So, what do you do?
And that night on Canal Street, traffic was suddenly halted.
Here came the fleet of charter busses carrying the University of Alabama football team.
Ready to face the University of Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl and bring in millions in tourism dollars.
Such a city of contrasts.
That’s why New Orleans is amazing.
  • Those photos are amazing. I love New Orleans but don’t get there as often as I would like.

  • Hi Hope, this must have been a great trip for you and your family. Super photos from your son, he certainly has an eye for capturing “the moment”! He shows his nice southern manners too, asking permission first before getting his shot.
    Must have been a lot of Bama fans in town. I’m sure they are waking up disappointed this morning, just like we are.
    Have a great day.

  • Great fun trip. BOOMER! While watching the game… SOONER… I told hubby how New Orleans really know how to make some money! I am sure the square was crowded and up until the wee hours of the morning after the amazing win by OKLAHOMA!!!!!

  • Your son’s pictures are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!! He is quite talented 🙂

  • Enjoyed the tour of New Orleans thru the eye of the camera. Good job!

  • What a great after Christmas trip to take. We love NOLA! Now, I’m telling you, your son has done a beautiful job on his photography! He has a great eye and isn’t that something about that man. I can understand why you would be worried though. You just turn around and those kids can be gone in a flash! Heck, it happens all the time with my hubby! 🙂
    Be a sweetie and looking forward to another year of blogging with you,
    Shelia 🙂

    • He’s actually one of the most capable and self-reliant kids I know. I could send him outside with $10 in his pocket an he could go to California and back before dinner and bring home change. But most men do tend to wander, don’t they?

  • Beautiful pictures of a wonderful city.

    Boomer Sooner!! 🙂

  • It’s always fun to visit New Orleans it is a 3 hr drive away from us….Christine

  • New Orleans is an amazing city. It has been way too many years since I visited Louisiana. I love the outlying areas of New Orleans, too- xo Diana ps-GREAT photos!

  • We’ve never been to New Orleans. Is is really only a 2-1/2 hour drive from Fairhope? I think your son took some nice shots. The man with his pet duck is cool. We have to visit there someday.

  • Interesting visit. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just love New Orleans, and I’m so glad you got to visit. Your photos are fabulous – I really liked the ladies at the table looking out at the street performer. You’ll have to return someday because no matter how many times you visit, there’s always something new to see. Thanks for commenting!

  • Your son’s photos are wonderful! I visited NOLA for the first time this past September with my sister. We stayed in the French Quarter and it was fabulous! What wonderful photo ops. I took a bunch of pics while there, even had one made into a piece of artwork for my sister’s home. I would love for you to take a peek at some of my picture since you are way more familiar with NOLA then myself. How lucky for you that you love so close to such an amazing place. Happy New Year!!!
    XO Barbara

  • Love these and most especially the man eating by the river. That is truly a great shot! And btw, Roll Tide!

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