Shopping trip to The Paris Market

May 12, 2014



For years, I’ve heard wonderful things about The Paris Market and Brocante in Savannah, Georgia, but just recently got to shop there myself.


It was everything I had heard. Part mercantile, part museum, and all packed full of design inspiration.


 The two story building holds home decor, kitchen essentials, perfumes, books, soaps, candles, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . . Everything has a warm leathery charm and feels like an old,well loved library.

WbusticketopenThe Paris Market takes delight in finding one of a kind items for the store. This is a vintage bus ticket machine. Haven’t you been looking for one of these?


The window displays are crazy popular. Ever – changing with the seasons, the window above was used for a Bastille Day soiree’.

nature7Collections, groupings and trinkets everywhere you look.

curiosTheir bent towards the natural display items is what I love most.

table7Fabulous table settings are always on display in The Paris Market’s basement level. It would be so fun to host a dinner party right there in the store, surrounded by all the creative greatness.

deskNautical desktop accessories are arranged in an orderly, functional fashion, to the delight of all slightly OCD shoppers everywhere.

While I was at The Paris Market, I scooped up a book and a few pretty paper rolls that I have no idea how I’ll use, but they were so pretty, they had to come home with me. But the best thing I found was a new favorite store. It’s sadly too far away from me for regular shopping excursions, but fortunately for all of us, they have a web site: here.

Have you been to The Paris Market?

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