Palm Sunday

March 29, 2015


Palm Sunday is an exciting time in Christian churches around the world. It’s the start of Holy Week which leads into Easter.


Children in our church, as well as many other churches, traditionally wave palm branches at the beginning of the service to signify the palm branches that were waved by the crowds, welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem.

0086=78Written in 1889 by Jean Baptiste Faure, “Les Rameaux” or as we know it, “The Palms” is the traditional hymn sung or played on this day. My Father was the Minister of Music at my church when I was growing up and I remember him directing this piece.  My church choir here in Fairhope sometimes includes this song, but if they don’t, then the organist always includes it in the prelude to the service.



There have been many versions of this song, some under different names. I even found a performance of  The Palms by a tuba choir! (HERE).


Here is a version of The Palms by the Crystal Cathedral Choir that includes the text.

Amazing to know that on this exact same day, voices around the world, both small and large, some sounding like happy and eager amateurs, some sounding like polished professionals, in all different languages, are singing the same hymn.


Happy Palm Sunday to you.


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