Pagliacci at the Mobile Opera

October 23, 2015


Pagliacci, Mobile Opera, Mobile Alabama

What a fabulous experience my son and I had at The Mobile Opera‘s production of Pagliacci. We were fortunate to be invited to the dress rehearsal where my son was allowed to take these beautiful photos, and an added benefit was the lyrics gave a boost to his new study of Italian. At one point, he leaned over and whispered, “I know that word,” which was, “andiamo” and means, “let’s go,” but we definitely did not want to leave.


The TempleThis production was held in The Temple, a downtown location that at first confused me because it’s such a strange building, (with two chesty Egyptian looking statues) but once I entered and saw what they had done with the place, everything made perfect sense.


Pagliacci, Mobile Opera, Mobile Alabama

The stage has been built out to be closer to the audience and the orchestra sits stage right, allowing better visibility. Special comfy-back-pleasing chairs have been installed, and it all added up to a wonderful musical and theatrical experience. The screen showing subtitles was clear and didn’t interfere or glare like I’ve seen in other places.


I can’t say enough about the marvelous talent. The performers were all highly sought-after award winners and hail from New York, Boston and New Orleans. Local talent made up most of the chorus, who by the way, never once came out of character nor bobbled a move. I’m consistently blown-away by how much high quality talent – of all genres, comes from our local area. The costumes were charming and stayed true to old Italian peasant style.

Pagliacci, Mobile Opera, Mobile Alabama

Although it was a dress rehearsal, the program played straight through with total perfection.


The music was powerful with the 19 piece Mobile Opera Orchestra sounding rich and strong. The conductor, Maestro Curtis Tucker serves as the Artistic Director for First Coast Opera in St. Augustine, Florida and is a freelance producer and conductor of opera and music performances. Mobile is truly fortunate to have him conduct this wonderful performance.


Pagliacci, Mobile Opera, Mobile AlabamaBeing the typical teenager, my son wanted to know exactly what it was he was going to be seeing. I told him there would be a sad, mean clown and that just made him more confused. However, when it was all over, he loved it and considered himself very spiffy to have attended the opera.


Pagliacci, Mobile Opera, Mobile Alabama

As always, if you are in this local area, I encourage you to get up off the couch and do something new and adventurous. If you’ve never been to the opera, this is the perfect time to go (football isn’t the only thrilling thing in town!).


Tickets are almost sold out, but if you contact the Mobile Opera (HERE), they may have a few  remaining just for you. The ticket office phone number is: (251) 432-6772.


So tell me, have you ever been threatened by a sad, mean clown? Have you ever been to the opera?


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  1. I was blessed as an elementary student in a small town in MS to have a piano teacher who gave her students a love/appreciation for opera. She took us to Jackson and New Orleans by train and bus to operas. This was before the days of screens explaining the story line in English, so she taught us the stories and during intermission between acts we reviewed what the next act would bring, so we totally understood. I even, in my young mind, thought I could sing opera if I had half a chance! 😉 What a gift she gave us. I have continued to enjoy opera for many years…wish she were still around so I could tell her how much I appreciate her gift.

    1. What a beautiful story, of a gifted and loving teacher! Children understand so much if we only take the time to explain things to them. You were truly blessed to have had her as a teacher, and now you have wonderful memories. Thanks for telling us that great story!

    1. It’s downtown just a block off Dauphin St. I always see people posing for photos next to the statues with naughty looks or gestures!

    1. Masterpiece Theater has so many great shows, and by watching on TV, you can attend the opera in your jammies!

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