One loved Trump, one loved Clinton

November 16, 2016


Before I get to this week’s column, an update on my interview with the awesome Fannie Flagg . . . it was AMAZING!!! (And now she wants to talk every day! Hahahaha!) There is big- BIG news she told me I will share with you next week that will make you so SAD, but hold on till then, and I”ll pull all the details together.


Also, one other quick housekeeping note, my ability to comment on other blogs has been going crazy lately. While I have no trouble with some, others (mainly blogger format, but not all) just won’t let me comment, so to all my blogging friends, please know I haven’t been ignoring you, I just can’t leave you a note! If you’ve ever heard of this and know what I should do, please let me know.


And now . . .


One loved Trump, one loved Clinton


Donna Faye and Georgia Mae had been best friends for over 62 years. Born in the same hospital on the same week, they grew up doing everything together. From Sunbeams and Brownies to college and careers, the two stayed side by side.


But after all those years, one terrible, horrible, no-good thing finally divided the ladies and sent them to opposite corners of the ring. Donna Faye supported Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and Georgia Mae supported Donald Trump.


Lord have mercy, spit-fire and dang-it all to heck (pardon my Southern French), but the entire Poison Ivy Garden Club came to a grinding halt as the lifelong friends spent months dueling and arguing their side of the issues. At first, the ladies thought they could change the other’s mind, but once Georgia Mae sent over a plate of Donna Faye’s favorite red velvet cupcakes, war lines were officially drawn. “Why are you so upset with little ‘ole cupcakes?” asked Donna Faye’s husband as he popped a second creamy cake in his mouth. “She knows good and well I’m on a diet and this is a blatant passive aggressive attempt to get me to blow it!” squealed the tempted woman. “And besides, RED velvet? As in RED state? I know good and well what she means!”


After that, it didn’t matter what the real issues were, all anyone in town discussed was the feud between the “girls.” While the rest of the nation debated taxes, immigration and jobs, the entire town of Clanton debated which woman was crazier.


Both women planted numerous . . . click HERE to continue reading at


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