Oakton Tour – part one

January 23, 2014


Update 4/18/15: Since my fist visit to Oakton, I’ve learned that the historic home is now up for sale. For the first time ever, it will change hands of the family who has owned it for over a century.
What a treat I recently had to tour the historic Oakton home in Marietta, Georgia.
You may remember, I lived in Marietta for a few years when I was first married, and I loved seeing this old home on Kennesaw Avenue. So, when I recently visited my dear Rachel at the Trammell House, she arranged for us to tour Oakton with owners Will and Michelle Goodman.
The other huge treat of the day, was Rhoda Vickers, of the wildly popular Southern Hospitality blog was able to join us, and we had a fabulous time getting to know each other and taking in the amazing history of Oakton together.
Oakton, built in 1838, is the oldest continuously occupied home in Marietta. It was used as headquarters for the Confederate soldiers during the great War of Northern Aggression.
(You know I had to say that, don’t you?)
In all these years, Oakton has only had four families occupy the beautiful residence.
Will Goodman grew up knowing this house as his Grandparent’s home and would often walk over to play on the large grounds. He now has a degree in landscape architecture, and although it was winter when we visited, you could tell that there were impressive gardens waiting to burst open in a few months.
Michelle has a background in floral arrangement and event planning. She now offers classes at the home in wreath making, and other creative endeavors.
A complete listing of their current classes can be found here.
The exterior of the house is ornate compared to most Southern homes of that period. This house started out as a simple Southern home, but over the years was stuccoed and enhanced to become the showstopper Italianate it is today.

Hey, y’all wanna sit out here on the verandah for a spell with me?
And of course, the entry foyer had the ever present oak leaf motif on the wall paper.
So pretty!
This is a portrait of Will Goodman’s Great-Great Grandfather, Robert Goodman, who founded the

Marietta Daily Journal, which is still a very large newspaper in publication today. It is rumored that some of the elder Goodman’s words from one of his speeches were used by a local writer named Margret Mitchell who then used them for one of her characters . . . Rhett Butler.

Oh, my!
The book, “Garden History of Georgia, 1733-1933” written in the 1930’s, featured 31 historic homes in peril. Oakton is among only 11 remaining homes from this book. The illustration on the bottom right is from the book and is the architectural drawing of the original gardens. The Goodman’s had the mural at the top of the stairs (top photo) commissioned to depict this garden scene.

The large dining room used to be the end of the house. Throughout the years, more additions were made to accommodate more modern lifestyles. Thank goodness the many owners saw the need for preservation and maintained the essential character of the home.
Michelle’s beautiful collection of silver and antique serving pieces
are often used for parties.
As much as I love Target housewares department, Oakton calls for the real deal.
A fascinating corner of the dining room has been left with two original
hand painted silk wallpapers showing.
The sign reads: “This room is equipped with Edison Electric Light.
Do not attempt to light with match. Simply turn key on wall by the door.
The use of electricity for lighting is in no way harmful to health, nor does it 
effect the soundness of sleep.”
A lovely neighbor, who takes morning strolls past the historic home, made the hook rug wall hanging of Oakton, and gave it to the owners as a gift.
How’s that for neighborliness?
I’m having trouble deciding, but this office may have been my favorite room. Every single item on the shelves had a special meaning to the owner and I could have spent all day in there looking and  listening to the stories.
The bust of Major General Loring was commissioned by the current homeowners. It was especially interesting to me, because when I lived in Marietta, my subdivision was next to the battlefield and was named, “Loring Square.” I guess that makes me sort of family, right?
A ship’s captain’s travel bar is one of the many artifacts on display
that all have some connection to the house.

The downstairs guest room is divided from the office by massive wood pocket doors. The bay window overlooks the rolling front lawn. The furnishings are all time-appropriate for the house, but they also have a casual, family feel as well.
We didn’t wear our hoop skirts, but oh, how I would have loved to stroll the grounds
wearing Scarlett’s green and white picnic dress and a parasol.
Rhoda is on the left, Rachel on the right. And the big fluffy dogs escorted us on the tour, dropping their ball at our feet!
So much more to show, so stay tuned tomorrow for part two of the Historic Oakton Home Tour!

Click here to see Oakton’s web site that includes information on their classes.


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  1. Isn’t it a small world (and ironic) that you introduced me to Rhoda and I got you two together!?

    I’m delighted that y’all got to visit one of my favorite houses in Marietta. Your photos are wonderful…love the article and learned some things I didn’t know! What a fun afternoon we had! Looking forward to more tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the history lesson and the entertaining commentary on this amazing house. Looking forward to part two.

  3. Howdy doody! What a lovely place and how nice to see you with Rhoda and your friend. How nice to finally SEE you and you’re just as pretty as I thought you would be. I love touring places like this! Thanks for popping in to see me. I came by this morning and couldn’t find a place to leave a comment!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. Oh, my goodness…I’m ready to move right in, that is, if I could leave the front porch. That’s a gorgeous house and chock-full of treasures. It would be impossible to pick a favorite spot. Front porch? Library? Garden?

  5. Hi Leslie Anne! So glad you enjoyed your trip to Marietta and what a lovely home tour! Our town is so rich in history and so often I take it for granted. My boys LOVE visiting the “train square” which we do a lot more in the summer months. Marietta also has a great farmers market on the weekends if you’re ever in town again. However, I think they take a break during winter months. Safe travels! And thanks for the gumbo recipe on your previous post. I’ve never made it and have been looking for a good recipe to try. Perhaps this will be the one!

    1. I had a son who played in that same train play area at the square. My husband actually proposed to me in the gazebo! Such nice memories! We’ll have to meet sometime when I return! Make sure you take a look at the post on the Trammel House. And enjoy your gumbo!

  6. What a treat! I can’t wait for part 2!! I had to contain myself from squeeling when I read the part about the elder Goodman’s words later to be uttered by none other than Mr. Rhett hehe:) RB was my first love and who I judged all boys I dated by. Needless to say that was impossible. Tis a wonder I didn’t turn out to be a spinster LOL!

    Love the Edison sign. Too cute!


  7. Thanks for the interesting tour. Fun to see bloggers meeting and having a good time together. I popped over from Emily’s French Hutch, though I’ve visited you often. I’m now following along. 😉

  8. That house is amazing! You are so lucky to be able to visit inside. The doll displayed in the chintz papered bedroom is by Effanbee, and is from the “Patsy” family of dolls. And I noticed a wicker buggy atop an armoire in there too. Such great pics, thanks for sharing. Vicki in Louisville KY

  9. Wow, what a marvelous house and how lucky you were to get to tour inside. In the chintz papered bedroom the doll is by the Effanbee company, a “Patsy” family doll and a lovely wicker buggy atop an armoire in that room. Sigh…. Thanks for sharing, Vicki in Louisville Ky

  10. June 2017.Origanally from Marietta.Left in1966. Took the trolley tour with daughter and grand daughter from Missouri.Was given the trip by them and my wife for fathers day. Have always loved Oaktonand the were just amazed to see such a home. What a thrill. Love your site.Hope to see again someday.

    1. So glad you had a good trip and got to see Oakton. Since I’ve written this peace, the family has put the place up for sale. So far, no takers, but wouldn’t it be grand to live there?

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