And now, he’s gone

May 20, 2014


Fairhope High School, Leslie Anne TarabellaThey tossed their hats in the air. His Dad said, “I’ll bet you a dollar he doesn’t come home with his cap.” About twenty minutes later, we found him on the field with a big grin, diploma in hand, and no mortarboard or tassel. “It’s somewhere out there on the field.”

“You owe me a dollar.” said my husband.


Leslie Anne TarabellaEarlier in the week, my youngest son came home and saw this little graduation display for his big brother and said, “Is this some kind of shrine?”

“Well, I guess it is.” I told him.

Baby shoes, baby Bible, first driver’s license, trumpet mouthpiece, Kindergarten graduation photo with Kindergarten tassel and a toy pirate. A few awards he received during the last week.

And wasting no time, he left this morning.

Just got in his truck and drove away to work at an out of state summer camp. He’ll go straight from there to college.

I told my husband when people date and plan to marry, they always dream of having cute little children. No one dreamily says, “I can’t wait until we have giant teenagers that leave home and break our hearts.” We are completely tricked by the cuteness of babies and toddlers.

My precious, cute little red head just up and left me.

I’ll sit and look at the shrine for a few days, and then I’ll be okay.

Maybe I’ll go look for his mortarboard and tassel.



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