Nicole Teague

September 15, 2014


I Finally Got a CD . . .


* Update: The story of Nicole’s life has been made into a film, “Our Friend.” It is scheduled to be released in January, 2021 by Gravitas Ventures.  

After I had known Nicole for a few months and heard her sing several times, I told her I really thought she should consider recording a CD. I’ve been around musicians enough to know great talent when I hear it, and Nicole definitely had the gift.

After five years, I finally received the CD I wanted, but not the way I wanted it at all.


As the huge crowd (was it 800? Could it have been 1,000 people?) filed out of First Baptist Church of Fairhope Thursday morning, the ushers handed everyone a CD our beautiful friend had recorded, just before she died of type IIIc ovarian cancer at age 36.


I wanted to tell you about this, since several of my readers have asked what happened to the young Mother from an  earlier story I wrote  for Gulf Coast Newspapers about Nicole Teague, who upon hearing her diagnosis and given a year and a half to live, did the unthinkable, and began to spread incredible joy, love and hope wherever she went. She put together a list of all the fun things she wanted to do before she died and got busy making memories.


Jumping into the fountain at the rose garden, learning to ride a Segway, and painting a big, happy heart on the side of the infamous graffiti overpass in Pensacola all brought laughter and hope to Nicole and her loyal group of friends.


When Nicole and I met for coffee one day to go over the details of the previous story, she was very clear that her one and only concern was the well being of her two young daughters. Still in elementary school, the girls have spent the last two years making irreplaceable memories with their mother, and have been left surprises by Nicole they will discover in the future.


One friend told how Nicole had two bronze casts made of her hands, so that if her children ever needed a hand to hold, they would have hers near and be able to remember her touch.


Nicole’s husband Matt, who is a foreign correspondent for the L.A. Times, said he could spend a lifetime writing an entire library full of books, and would still never be able to describe how wonderful his wife of 15 years was. Nicole had told me months ago that Matt was her rock, and his love made her complete.

_DSC4534I left the church, and immediately put the CD in my car’s stereo, expecting to hear music. But before the songs began, Nicole’s soft southern voice began speaking, explaining that the pain of cancer had led her down a path to loving and trusting God more than ever before. Throughout this terrible disease, God was able to use Nicole’s story to reach others who desperately needed Him.

Amazed and surprised by her joy, strangers have been led to want to know more about Nicole’s faith and how they too can find the “peace that passes all understanding.”

Sitting in the carpool line that afternoon in the pouring rain, Nicole’s voice filled the car and I thanked God for allowing me to know her. I have a feeling I wasn’t the only one that day who listened to the CD and thought the exact same thing.


To read the first story about Nicole, CLICK HERE.

The “Nicole fights cancer” photo is from Lyn Taylor Photography in Mobile. I couldn’t find the name of the person who took the “graffiti” photo. Please let me know if it is yours and I will give you credit. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Nicole was my friend, and these days I miss her more than I think I ever have. It was a year almost to the day that she passed away that I was diagnosed with terminal bile duct cancer. I am 45, have two children and a wonderful husband, and we depend on Jesus for everything. He brought Nicole in my life. I told Matt (her husband) the other day that I miss her daily as I think to myself-I wish I could ask her how she did this. How she effectively lived out her faith in a loud, happy, and proud way, showing no fear or resignation. I am traveling a similar path, and I know she knows and is pulling for me to show my love for our Jesus in this disease.

    I miss you, my friend. I hope to honor your memory and share Jesus Christ in all that I do. I will see you again, but until then I must take my fight to this evil cancer that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Hope you will be proud!! ?

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this Elizabeth. Nicole was a good example to us all, and I’m sure her heart would break for you having to go through something so similar. My prayers are with you and your family.

  • Mary Smith says:

    I love Nicole very much and miss her more every day. This was one of the most favorite things that I ever got to do with Nicole. She wanted to do it. It was on her Bucket List . We got up early that morning found an auto shop that was open and had the colors of spray paint that she wanted and then headed for Graffiti Bridge while it was still dark. I was a nervous wreck of course, afraid of being “caught” although it was “understood” in the community that it was okay and the police “looked the other way.” So, armed with our paint, we get out of the car with the sun rising and light beginning to break. Nicole started her master piece by painting a foundation. Once that was dry, she began to paint the heart and the finishing touches using different colors. Me on the other hand…I quickly sprayed my message to my “baby girl” (my youngest daughter who’s birthday was that day. It read: “Happy Birthday Hillary” done in one color and done so quickly that if dripped down and made a mess. Then, I quickly picked on the cans that Nicole wasn’t still using, threw them in a bag and ran to the car as other cars were coming by and honking. I jumped in the get a way car and screamed: “C’mon, Nicole! Hurry!” I threw open the passenger door and and yelled “Get in!” But, Nicole would not be hurried. She finished her masterpiece and then said, “Mom, you have to take a picture! So, I did. I think I took a few pictures and she snapped one of me, too. Then, off we drove in the getaway car, laughing and happy with ourselves. We both got to cross that off of our bucket lists. That was my Nicole. I was so glad that I got to do something wild and crazy with her! I know many others have had several experiences like this. She was so much fun to be around! This is one of my fondest memories. I will never forget you, my sweet Nicole. My heart still breaks for you.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      What a great story! I thought of Nicole recently on the one year anniversary of her funeral, and couldn’t believe how fresh all of our memories are of her. I was in Mobile last week and met a man who was wearing a teal colored bracelet. He said it was for ovarian cancer awareness. I told him I had lost a friend from that disease last year who was much loved by everyone in our community and he said, “Was her name Nicole?” Everyone knew her and loved her so much. What a great legacy she left for us to be happy and treasure every moment of our lives!
      Thank you so much for your comment!

  • This story is both heart-breaking and inspirational. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend; sometimes life’s just not fair.

  • For the 10+ years I knew Nicole, I never saw her when she wasn’t smiling. I never heard her say an unkind thing about anyone. She just radiated God’s love, and every chance she got she reassured everyone of His love. She spoke so easily and flawlessly, from her heart, without hesitation, and you knew she had a very special relationship with Him. And, Arlene, you are spot-on. After I listened to her cd I was struck by the thought that she must have been an angel. Her cancer did not change her, but it changed many who knew her. She was always the, “real deal.” What a gift it was to have known her and I’m sure everyone who knew her feels the same……what a legacy for her beautiful daughters and loving husband!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You were blessed to have known her so long, and “real deal” is a perfect description.

  • What a precious story.

  • sniff, oh what a heart wrenching tale~ I love that she left surprises for her daughters to discover later~ sniff…

  • Arlene C. says:

    I am so sorry I never met Nicole.

    I would like to think, somewhere somehow we may have passed one another, somewhere here on the streets of Fairhope.

    To me,she appears to have been an angel, here on earth, and one and all blessed by her presence.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You, like everyone else, would have loved her. We all got a little laugh when we saw that the family requested that the graveside service be attended only by family and close friends – because everyone who ever met Nicole even once considered themselves to be a “close friend.” She just made you feel like you were the best person she had ever met!

  • Oh my. What a wonderful, inspirational person. I am sure everyone who knew her is better for it. Thank you for sharing.

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