New console from Charles Phillips

October 9, 2017



It all started when darling Bob insisted on buying a new giant TV. I’m not a fan of the big TV’s and thought the one we had was sufficiently tacky. I know, everyone in the world has a big TV now and I’m the last one to like them,  but they just dominate the room . . . anyway, I lost.

As a consolation, Bob agreed we could find a cool looking console to go beneath so I could look at that instead of the TV. Where else would we go for unique and classy, sassy  consoles, but down this beautiful country road to Charles Phillips Antiques and Architecturals in Theodore, AL? (click HERE to see my first story from several years ago on Charles Phillips).

C.P. Antiques imports all these gorgeous  pieces from Europe several times a year. Some things they leave as they find them, others, they piece together to make new, interesting things for your home. Shutters, doors, bed swings, dressers, (“chester drawers” for us Southerners), chairs, windows, you name it . . . it’s like Disney World for furniture lovers!


I think there are seven different barns stacked FULL to the brim of beautiful items. The fun is in the hunt.

Tables too! I could explore this place for hours.


There are also small accessories that are completely unique.

“Mable Jean, this doesn’t look like it came from the Big Box store!”

“Are you out of your cotton picking mind? That’s an original from Eyuuurop, honey!” (Of all the nerve!).

And here’s my adorable console I found. Made from French shutters from the 1800’s and wood also from France during the same time period. This is before we dusted it off, but once I got it home and cleaned it up, it was perfect! The wood just glows!



See? You hardly notice the TV, which by the way, I love watching Mary Tyler Moore on. It makes her giant, like she and Rhoda and Phyllis are right here with me! I’m going to hide the last cord dangling down, to make it even more beautiful.


I haven’t quite decided on how to style the shelves, but I want to leave some of them empty to show the shutter details. I play with it just about every day, switching baskets and books around.

A trip to Charles Phillips is worth your time. They are close to Bellingrath Gardens, so you can make a day of it.

Here’s their web site for details (they are only open a few days a week, so check first). Charles Phillips Antiques and Architecturals .

And here’s my previous story and photos: HERE 

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  1. (note to gentle readers: she won’t admit it, but she really likes watching movies and football on that 70″ 4K TV)

  2. Awwww I love Mr. Hacker’s comment!!! Your new console is stunning!! The vintage shutters is such a unique, attractive idea. I love my MTM too. Have a wonderful week and I hope it is chock full of Mary and Rhoda.
    I could do some damage in CP Antiques!!

  3. Ms. Leslie, what a Fox you are!!
    The Hubs is in seventh heaven with the giant TV, and you are beyond with your CP console!
    That worked out just right☺️???

  4. I have one of those big sets (not as big as yours) dangling on the wall. Hubby needed it to watch “the game,” so I thought I’d see how I like it with nothing underneath. Well I do. Last time my sister was here she said “you need a console under that television!” I think I need to go shopping with you to Charles Phillips! I do love your console, unique………Happy week.

    1. the cool thing is, none of the pieces at C.P. are alike. You never know what you will find and they will also build something you request. I think a road trip is in your future.

  5. My brother in law is named Charles Phillips! However he is a tennis pro, not a European furniture collector! What a treasure trove that must be! If it makes you feel any better, my husband has a TV that is 108 inches!!” It is a man magnet, our man cave is always full of, well, men! Ha, you will learn to love it, especially if he lets you watch the Hallmark channel and all the important stuff 🙂 The shutters on your console are totally cool, it’s an awesome piece!

    1. I may need to edit your comment so Bob doesn’t see the 108″ option. I’m sure he knows its out there and he’s just planning his attack. A tennis pro Charles Phillips sounds pretty cool too!

  6. Your new shutter console puts my Ikea thing we are hacking in the shade. (Shade, shutters…) Very cool. The fun of a new thing, any new thing, is perpetual rearranging. I like your brick floors, too.

  7. One of my favorite lunch spots is Cheryl’s Cafe in Spanish Fort. Recently remodeled. She has a gorgeous piece from Charles Phillips as her checkout counter!

    1. I don’t think I know about Cheryl’s Cafe. I’ll have to check it out. Anyone tasteful enough to use a C.P. piece in their restaurant surely has good taste in food as well!

  8. That was a pretty good compromise! And MTM looks so good on your wall “bigger than life.” (Can you paint the cord the same color as the wall?)

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