Mystic Mutts of Revelry

February 7, 2013


The annual Mystic Mutts of Revelry parade was held this past weekend. The festive dogs paraded through the streets of Fairhope a few hours before the larger nighttime parade.
Used as a fund raiser for The Haven, our no-kill animal shelter, the doggy promenade has grown into a huge event over the last few years.
The parade is now so popular, I was unable to really get any good photos due to the large crowds pressing in.  The dogs are all dressed up in great costumes and either walk in the parade, or ride in wagons or golf carts.
What could be better than dogs in costumes?
Dachshunds in hot dog buns were overdone. Grown-ups dressed as Dorothy, carrying Toto in a basket is always popular, but a hound dog in an Elvis costume never gets old.
The Girl Scouts were clever and set up a cookie stand underneath the clock.  Notice the pretty hanging basket of flowers, planted in Mardi Gras colors. So clever.
During parades, the city workers wrap the flower beds to keep happy
feet from accidentally trampling the blossoms. And to keep the four-legged paraders from “sniffing around.”
More parade news coming later  . . .
Get ready for next year:


  • I got to go to this parade a few years ago! We walked in the parade with a friend and her two springer spaniels. One wore a super cute purple costume. It was fun and my daughter wore the costume later that day! Gotta love a little girl in a dog costume. Fun memories of great times in Fairhope!

  • Big tears…..the second picture of the springer spaniel. She looks just like our Piper. Piper was founf at our pound. I always think of what happened to him to end up there and what would have happened to him. Thank goodness for no kill shelters.

  • Great idea! I’m so glad to hear that there is a no-kill shelter there. I wish they were all no-kill.

  • Now a mutt parade looks like fun! that is a great idea for protecting the flowers!

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