Is your dog royalty? Mystic Mutts of Revelry

January 31, 2017


This is Lois Lane’s perfect man. The King of Mystic Mutts of Revelry 2016. And it gets better . . . he smells of Milk Bones. Ruff Ruff!! Ha-roooo!

Does your special pup have what it takes to be Mardi Gras royalty? How about a loyal subject? How about a court jester? Ok then, how about the sniffing krew?


The Haven, Fairhope’s no-kill shelter, is once again making it possible for your pampered pooch to become royalty in the 14th annual Mystic Mutts of Revelry parade.


Here, Lois’ Beagle cousins are dressed-up, ready to go in the parade, which serves as the shelter’s #1 fundraiser of the year. It’s also the #1 happiest parade of the year.


Michael Graham, director of The Haven, says the pet parade has grown in popularity over the years and is now considered a part of the regular Mardi Gras festivities on the Eastern Shore. This year’s parade, presented by McSharry’s Irish Pub, will have a “football” theme and will be held on Saturday, February 18th.


And here’s last year’s royal queen. Now, Lois Lane is a wee bit jealous. She knows she could rock this crown much better than this little . . . dog.



And my two pups, Lois and Doug want you to know two things.


#1. Doug could easily be king if he wanted to, but he’s kind of shy, so this isn’t his thing or otherwise, he’d rule the parade. Just sayin’.


#2. The Haven also does a fabulous job of rescuing CATS, but have you ever seen a CAT PARADE? So of course, the dogs have to do all the fundraising around here while the cats sit in the sun and lick themselves. ACK!

This year’s parade begins at 1pm, but those who wish to strut their stuff in the parade can line up at Fairhoper’s Community Park beginning at 10:30am, where a $10 fee per pup and $10 per human marcher will be collected — all for an excellent cause! Don’t forget the football theme!


The King and Queen and royal court will be chosen this year by drawing of those who purchase a raffle ticket ahead of time for $5 ! There’s no limit on the number of chances/tickets you can purchase, and it all goes to a great cause, so call them now and sign your little doggie up for the parade and purchase your raffle tickets!

The drawing for King, Queen and their royal court will take place on February 17th. Lois and I will be anxiously sitting by the phone awaiting her destiny! This is bigger around here than Miss America! The winners will be able to ride with their pup on the royal float. Oh — be still my heart. Whatever would I wear? Lois and I would have to pull out our matching sequined outfits! (But which one?).


These photos, except for the one of my Doug and Lois, were taken by the talented Kathie Ono of Ono Pet Photography.

Find The Haven on Facebook HERE.

Find their page for The Mystic Mutts of Revelry HERE.

Follow the pups on Twitter HERE.


  • Juana Rolin says:

    Does the Haven still have any pictures of Bones? Bones was the first Mardi Gras king. Would you please do the story on Bones so I can save it please? Bones has passed away. Thank you so very much.

    Juana Brooks

    • I don’t know anything about Bones, may he rest in peace. You best bet is to directly contact the Haven.

  • Wouldn’t you just love to have a thought bubble appear above each of the dressed up pups revealing how they REALLY feel about their getups?

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Haha! Perfect! I think you’ve given me a blog post for this coming year’s parade!

  • Leslie Anne, this is the best parade ever…great photography! Have a wonderful week’

  • Love this! When we lived in Galveston there was also a doggie parade at Mardi Gras time. I need a dog! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Maybe just a tiny dog for your dollhouse first . . . then move on to a real fur ball.

  • Omg, is there anything that y’all don’t do in Fairhope?? This is so totally adorable I can’t stand it! Loved your comment about the cat parade 🙂

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Poor kitties. They get no respect.

  • How fun! We used to put on the Mardi Gras dog parade in Baytowne Wharf, Sandestin every year and it was always so much fun! I do believe Lois Lane is definitely queen material!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      My first job was at Sandestin! They do such fun things. I’ll let Lois Lane know you are a fan. She’ll come down from her throne and appreciate it very much.

  • Shhhhhh, don’t tell him, he thinks he is royalty . on his naughty days we are not so sure. That has to be the cutest parade ever. So cute.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It’s grown into a pretty big deal and the dogs seem to love it!

  • That last dog photo, caption should read.. “Please, please someone save me from these humans!!!”

  • Love this, Leslie Anne. Dogs make the best eye candy! You people have too much fun in Fairhope! Have a great week.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Woof! Yes we do!

  • Many thanks for using my photos, Leslie Anne. And I think that Lois Lane would be a wonderful royal this year!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Do you have an inside connection? hahaha! No, really . . .
      (your photos are beautiful. thanks for allowing me to use them!)

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