My bad biscuit resolution

February 22, 2016


Leslie Anne Tarabella - Making Southern biscuits I’ve been working over a month now on my new year’s resolution, and it’s still somewhat of an embarrassment, because at this stage in my life, I should have already learned how to make a decent biscuit.


I come from a long line of biscuit makers with my Euchee Valley Grandmother being the Queen, but the skill bypassed me and my biscuits wouldn’t coax a starving mutt out from under the porch. But this year, I’m determined to correct this personality flaw, and as God is my witness, by December 31st, I’ll bake a batch of mouthwatering, fluffy Southern biscuits, if it’s the last thing I do.

Mary B's biscuits, Leslie Anne Tarabella
My friend, “Mary” makes great biscuits . . . but they’re not Grandmothers.


I’ve already spent a few captivating hours on YouTube watching tutorials that have only served to confuse me. You see, I don’t want to make just any old biscuit, but instead, am focused on learning how to make the exact biscuits I grew up poking my finger in and filling with fresh syrup, made by my great uncle on his sugar cane farm.

Making Southern Biscuits, Leslie Anne Tarabella

What’s wrong with me? Do I not wear pearls and send enough thank you notes? Have I not always flung my watermelon rinds into the pasture for the less fortunate cows? How did I miss the Southern gene for biscuit making? How did I skip this requirement for Belle 101?


I promise you on the red-head of my firstborn, I can . . . click HERE to finish the story.


This story first appeared on and in the Press Register.  

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