Dianne Bentley is a class act

April 6, 2016


While Alabama’s Governor and his former advisor are caught in the turmoil of their recent naughtiness, there’s at least one character in this tragic tale that has come out smelling like a rose. Former First Lady Dianne Bentley is the example of a classy Southern lady who has remained steadfast in the midst of the raging storm.


None of us know the entire truth of what went on behind closed doors, and that’s because Mrs. Bentley has kept relatively quiet. She doesn’t air her dirty laundry and doesn’t sling mud, even if it’s well deserved. When she filed for divorce from the Governor last August, many of us were shocked. It was the first we’d heard of any discontent coming from their seemingly ideal 50 year marriage. No one ever wants a divorce, but Dianne obviously realized her marriage vows had been broken beyond repair and no amount of prayer or counseling would turn things around, so she took action to protect herself.


Mrs. Bentley is a champion for women who have ever been made to feel they weren’t good enough, smart enough or young enough. She walked away from . . . click HERE to finish the story.

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