More Festival of Flowers

March 26, 2013


Festival of Flowers
Just a few more photos from this year’s Providence Hospital Foundation Festival of Flowers.
Providence Hospital Festival of Flowers
“Dog River Hunting” by Homer McLure was a beautiful
rustic presentation of a hunting lodge . . .
Festival of Flowers Mobile Alabama
complete with ammunition.
Welcome to the South.
Flower Dress Mobile Alabama
“White Hat Ladies in Car”honored the past Mobilians who spent leisurely afternoons driving down flower filled roads. This arrangement, by LeNae Dawson of Cleveland The Florist,
is the kind of thing you had to see in person to really appreciate.  The white hats and parasol were all invisibly suspended in air and rotated to show their finery.
Festival of Flowers
There was also a wonderful display of wall garden items.
Wall Garden
This wall garden had strawberries. Very clever!
Lettuce growing on wall
And here is your salad for the day – growing right on your fence.
Can’t wait to see what they do next year!

Top photo courtesy of Spark Imaging.

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