Giving and Receiving

November 21, 2013


Leigh Copeland is one of the most popular exhibitors at the
Fairhope Artist’s Gallery on Section Street.
I promise to tell you more about Leigh another time.
For now, I just wanted to show you her awesome lemon painting and let you have a link to her web site.
Here’s the story I wanted to tell you, and you’ll see why Leigh’s painting
reminds me of my friend Trina.
This is Trina’s Meyer Lemon tree in her front yard.
Although you can’t really tell from this photo, this particular tree is much larger than
most lemon trees around here.
This was a very good year for this particular tree, and it was loaded down
with fruit that is both sweet and tangy.
Trina has a very giving personality, and gives away most of her lemons. This is the beautiful bounty she sent home with me.
Okay, I’ll work in one more of Leigh Copeland’s paintings, because this will be how I use the last of my lemons – squeezed over fresh oysters! Mmmm.
Trina lives in a charming Fairhope neighborhood, where everyone takes afternoon walks to pretend to exercise, but they end up standing in each other’s yards visiting. Trina said all her neighbors know to help themselves to lemons from her tree.

Isn’t that the opposite of the grumpy old guy who chases children away from his fruit trees?
Where does he live, anyway?

Just a few days after Trina gave me these lemons, sadness struck, when her mother passed away.
It was unexpected and very shocking.
A very sweet family, going through a very bitter time.
And where we live, it’s common for Trina’s neighbors and friends to now give to her.
Prayers, hugs, food, and friendship are all coming back to a very nice person.
It’s a sweet and sour world, full of giving and taking.
For everything there is a season.
I’m glad we live in a place where people know how to give.

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  1. Oooh, gorgeous lemons. I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. How nice to live in a town where people feel your pain and care about you.

  2. I’m so sorry about this happening to your friend. I know her friends will surround her with love.

    The Meyer lemon is something we look forward to when a few stores carry them here around the holidays. Our daughter sent us a box full last year. They are so good on cucumbers and fish and especially spritzed on Haaggen-Daz vanilla ice cream. (I must have spelled that wrong!

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