Meet Lois Lane

September 5, 2013


The baby photo.


This is eight year old Lois Lane. She looks very serious, but her tail is wagging.
She’s a very happy beagle.
Our other dogs have been adopted as strays. But Lois is pure bred. Her parents and grandparents were top ranked show dogs. We bought Lois from a breeder who thought she would never win competitions because Lois’ tail wasn’t perfect. Little did they know, the fluffy white tail grew to be just perfect, and she would have swept the AKC Awards!
Lois likes to remind us of what could have been, if only we hadn’t held her back.
Guilt trip from a beagle.


I could have been a STAR!
Everyone asks if Lois howls all the time, and although she rarely
ever does, we caught her in the act last Christmas.
Hurry and open the presents!


Lois follows me around all day and every time I try to photograph something, she literally sticks her nose into my business. Beagles have an incredible sense of smell and want to give everything the nose test. If you go back and look closely at my photos, you will surely spot a beagle shadow in more than one.
This is what I see when I look down from my desk.
Like most beagles, Lois has one thing on her mind . . .
Feed me? Feed me? Feed me?
Now? Now? Now?
We once accidentally closed Lois in the garage – alone with the 40 pound bag of dog food. When we realized she was out there, we ran and opened the door only to find her standing in the middle of the  shredded bag. Her little stomach was making horrible noises and poking out like she had swallowed a basketball.
I’ve never seen a dog so happy and so miserable at the same time.



At the beach, Lois knows to dig a hole beneath the pier for maximum cooling potential.
Dogs aren’t allowed on our beaches, but don’t worry, this is a private beach – for beautiful beagles only.
If you ever find a mistake on this blog, it can be blamed on Lois.
She’s quite distracting with all of her cuteness bouncing around.
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what Lois found in Downtown Fairhope!
( . . .  to be continued!)
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