May 20, 2016


City of Fairhope Girl's Night Out - Leslie Anne TarabellaIt’s been a busy week (or two) for the ladies in Fairhope! First of all, we celebrated the 3rd Annual Girl’s Night Out (GNO) which brought out hundreds and hundreds of ladies to shop-shop-shop in Downtown Fairhope.


City of Fairhope, Girl's Night Out - Leslie Anne TarabellaThe town was swathed in pink, and music, friendship, food and libations were flowing. For $20, each participant received a tote bag with a bright pink T-shirt, a few other goodies, and a coupon book that was hot-full of great deals at local stores and restaurants.


City of Fairhope, Girl's Night Out - Leslie Anne TarabellaThe City of Fairhope hosts the shopping extravaganza once a year, and this is the first time I’ve participated. It was so much fun, so make sure you watch for it again next year.


Leslie Anne Tarabella and Karyn TunksMy shopping partner was Karyn, who loves many of the same things I do, so of course, I had to shove her out of the way to get what I wanted. (You know I’m just kidding. Karyn works out and did all the shoving!) smile.


Fairhope Charm at Brenny's Jewlers in Fairhope Alabama. - Leslie Anne TarabellaI found this adorable Fairhope charm in Brenny’s Jewelry. Hint – hint – you-know-who!


Leslie Anne TarabellaWhat’s that you say? You like my dress? Well, look what I found! I couldn’t talk Karyn into being twins, so if you run down to Simply Divine, you can get it and we can start a dance group.


Mary Kay Andrews and Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd then of course, later in the week, New York Times best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews showed up to speak at Page and Palette and sign copies of her new book, The Weekenders. You can read my review HERE.


Mary Kay Andrews at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope Alabama - Leslie Anne Tarabella

There was a packed crowd of well over 100 people in Page and Palette’s new “Book Cellar” Which didn’t go unnoticed by Mary Kay who said she loved the new bar-in-a-bookstore concept. After speaking about the book and entertaining us with hilarious stories  . . .


Mary Kay Andrews signing books at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope Alabama - Leslie Anne TarabellaMary Kay signed book after book for her loyal fans.


Mary Kay Andrews and Karyn Tunks in Fairhope AlabamaThere was my darling Karyn again, looking totally coordinated with Mary Kay Andrews. Two of my favorite authors together, looking great.


Leslie Anne TarabellaI showed this photo to MKA and she cracked up. All the men in my house had gone fishing and I had a lovely relaxing day (after I scrubbed rugs, did laundry and packed away winter things) and was lounging around, reading The Weekenders and eating bon-bons, when Lois Lane hopped up on the sofa with me and gave me the “four-o’clock stare” which tells me it’s time to feed her . . . or else!


No rest for the weary Mom who just wants to read a good book!


Hope you all have a happy, wonderful weekend!

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  1. How fun!! The world is once again jealous of Fairhope festivities! I am saving my MKA book to savor AFTER Memorial Day weekend, when family leaves and clean up is done, it will be my special reward! Happy weekend

    1. Reading MKA books with toes in the sand is the best possible recipe for a fun start to the summer!

    1. How nice! You are our favorite visitor and should make it down more than once a year! Congratulations on yet another great book (and I’m still waiting for that Fairhope book . . . I think. Be careful what I wish for, right?).

  2. If we had not just moved I would be very tempted to head for Fairhope simply because you always make it sound so fun. I hope Girls Night Out spreads everywhere! And then to get to meet Mary Kay Andrews, wow, wow, stupendous! I’m such a fan but haven’t read this new one. Can’t wait!

    1. It will be the perfect book to read in your new Florida home. And not everything is perfect here. I once saw a wilted flower. Disgusting. I almost had to move!

  3. We have had quite an exciting start to the summer social season. (I’m fairly certain I’ve already doubled my social engagements from last year.) Girls Night Out is a not-to-be-missed event. Just keeping my fingers crossed they don’t promote it across the bay so you won’t have to give another lesson on Fairhope etiquette. {wink, wink} The turnout for Mary Kay Andrews was impressive! Every seat (and bar stool) was taken and there were even a couple of men in attendance.

    Thanks so much for your informative blog posts. It saves me from having to keep a diary!

    1. HAhahaha! I’ll just follow you around and write down everything you do. It will be the most excitement I’ve ever had.

    1. You’d get to be in charge of making up the routine since I’m kind of a klutz. But we’d look really cute, right?

  4. What fun activities for the ladies in your area! I was thinking just how much I loved your dress, then you showed the picture of another… I literally chuckled out loud! 🙂 I adore Mary Kay Andrews, she’s one of my favs! She was in Raleigh last week at a local book signing and I missed her by a day, while visiting my daughter! How’s the book… fabulous I just know! 🙂 ~Rhonda

    1. I spoke with a friend today who just started reading the book and is surprised at how serious it is. I’d say it’s more of a serious, juicy light-who-done-it. You’ll love it. Too bad you missed seeing MKA, and I hope you get a chance to see her again sometime soon. She’s quite entertaining. And I’ll send you the extra dress right away!

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