Mary B’s Tea Biscuits

January 13, 2016


Who wants FREE biscuits? Keep reading . . .


two mary bs The easiest, breeziest, best tasting, and did I mention – FAST appetizer is this little roast beef slider made with Mary B’s Tea Biscuits. The small bite sized biscuit is perfect for quick snacks.


four mary bsMy new year’s resolution is to learn to make biscuits from my Grandmother’s recipe, but I have a feeling that messy ordeal is going to be left for special occasions. For something quick and light, this is the way to go.


Mary B's Bag

The way to do it with no poufy flour mess to clean up and to feed the hungry people in record time is to pop these snack -sized biscuits in the oven, and by the time you have your “fixins” ready, you can smell the deliriously delicious, hot – soft – melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, ready to fill.


One biscuitI used Cajun flavored roast beef I bought at the Piggly Wiggly deli, spicy mustard and a tangy pickle. I was out of Wickles, or else I would have used those. It was a small, but filling treat. I want to try these miniature biscuits as the base for a strawberry shortcake mini-dessert sometime. The possibilities are endless!


three mary bs

And now . . . for those of you who have Mary B’s products in your local stores, I have a surprise! The nice folks at Mary B’s (which by the way, is headquartered in nearby Pensacola, FL) read my story about their delicious Dumplings and sent something to pass on to you!


The first five readers to comment below AND send me an email with your address (I won’t show up for dinner, I promise), will receive a coupon in the mail from me for  a FREE product from Mary B’s!!! 


Mary B's Collage

So many choices! And these are just a few of their products. I haven’t tried the biscuit melts yet, but I think my son would love them. Do you remember their Dumplings I showed you (HERE)? Mary B’s also offers larger biscuits that I’ve used as a topping for individual pot pies. Comment below, then send your mailing address to: [email protected]


What’s your favorite quick party appetizer? With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s time to think about these things!



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