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December 17, 2014


Marshmallow Chandelier
How would you like to have a fanciful, edible marshmallow chandelier as part of your holiday decorations? This fine example of a sweet light fixture is from Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia. I’ve been saving these photos to show you closer to the Christmas season, because I think all this baking and decorating just screams, “FESTIVE” and the accompanying cookbook  is the perfect gift idea for just about anyone on your shopping list!


IMG_7286“Slow down and taste the sweet life” is the motto bakery owners Cheryl and Griff Day instill in their family owned business. The two of them are extremely friendly and I loved getting to meet them in person. Cheryl handles the edible and visual part of the business, while Griff focuses on the behind – the – scenes details (books, numbers, blah, blah, blah – Poor Griff!), but they make a great team.


The popular Southern sweet stop is a favorite with locals for fresh made delicacies early in the morning through late in the day.


Back in the day bakery mobile

Touches of sugary whimsy decorate the entire shop and give you a bit of sweetness for your eyes.



You can smell Back in the Day Bakery’s fresh baked breads several blocks away.


IMG_7021This cookbook was a huge success thanks to an appearance on QVC. Cheryl told me she was incredibly nervous to appear on the live show, and was in total shock when they completely sold out of the cookbooks within minutes.


IMG_7011The recipes are easy to follow and feature dishes inspired by Cheryl’s Grandmother who was from Alabama and taught her to cook. The gorgeous book is loaded with photographs that depict snippets of the bakery’s charming interior.


IMG_7281Since I appreciate both good food and beautiful antiques, imagine my excitement when I saw this photo of the coconut cake on the antique scale.

Back in the Day antique scaleAnd when I was in the actual bakery, there it was, in person, minus the cake, but much larger than I had originally imagined. It was like spotting a rock star in person – an antique rock star.


Every order comes up looking like beautiful art.

Cinnamon RollsCinnamon rolls go fast and lines often form for these made-from scratch delicacies.

Back in the Day Bakery

The old pine floors of the bakery, and froo-froo decor, combined with the heavenly aromas made my head spin.  I understand there’s a new cookbook on the near horizon for Cheryl and Griff. Stay tuned for more, from Back in the Day . . .


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