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February 2, 2015


Just to give all you out of town folks plenty of time to book your flights . . .


There’s a party going on this Friday in Fairhope you will want to make plans to attend.

story_xlimage_2010_05_r7405_sex_in_the_city_2_movie_posterA certain TV show from several years ago, featured the main character holding her book launching party at a swanky New York hot-spot. Chic, pouty faced, skinny people, covered in skimpy sequined dresses all milled about the sterile room, giving two-cheeked kisses while holding bubbly champagne.

145238_BJP0885-wWell . . . I’ve been honored to be chosen as the featured writer at a big event this Friday in Fairhope, and I can promise you two things: 1. The party will be NOTHING like the TV show. 2. It will be a LOT more fun!

Fairhope WABF Lori Dubose.
WABF’s Lori Dubose will be on hand with a live broadcast from Greer’s.

The event will be held at Greer’s Fairhope Market and will be broadcast live by my friends at WABF Radio 1220AM who will also be spinning the tunes that keep everyone dancing through the produce section, down the aisle of cajun spices, and into the gourmet deli. Samples of their delicious food items as well as beer and wine will be on hand, and believe me, no writer in New York City ever had such a sweet soirée!

(Clean-up, aisle 4 . . . attention customers, this is a family store – no twerking in the frozen foods – yes, you Mrs. Beauregard, we see you. Them taters have eyes!)

Fairhope Greer's
Now come on, if you are going to have a party in a grocery store, isn’t this one adorable?

Greer’s loves to support the arts by featuring local writers each month before the  downtown Art Walk begins at 6pm on the first Friday of each month. And even though I don’t really have a book (yet – ?!?!?) I’ll be there to meet and greet the loyal followers of my Gulf Coast Newspaper column, “Southern with a Gulf Coast accent” and of course, you – the wonderful readers of this blog!

Fairhope pimento cheese
Greer’s has so many unique items in their small market you won’t be able to find anywhere else. I’ve used their catering service before with raves coming from my guests. Their deli has a long line at lunchtime, and I’ve actually sent my husband out in the rain to fetch a container of their spicy pecan pimento cheese. He was either really sweet, or really guilty about something – I can’t remember which one, but he got it for me! What a guy!

20110117Greers7674So, mark your calendars and grab your friends, we’re going to have a great time at Greer’s Fairhope Market this Friday night! Since it’s in the middle of Mardi Gras celebrations, it’s sure to be a fun time like no big city has ever seen!

Can’t wait to see all of you there!


WABF broadcasting live from Greer’s – 4-6pm Friday, February 6th.

First Friday Art Walk – 6-8pm, Feb. 6th. 


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  1. Love your sense of humor, Can’t remember the last time I danced in a grocery store but if I ever do this sounds like a really fun party.

    1. If you can’t make it to Greer’s this Friday, just go down and dance in your grocery store! It’s great fun.

  2. It comes as no surprise to me that you are their featured writer, and I know there must be a book in the near future. Everytime I read your writing, I smile. Congrats on your glitzy party…I hope nobody causes any twerking problems.
    Just a hunch, but I’ll bet they package some spicy pecan pimento cheese for you to take home with you…If they don’t, they should!

  3. Congratulations Miss Leslie Ann, you being featured is no surprise! Wish I could come party with you, I know it will be fun dancing up and down those isles and just thinking of all the goodies being served up. We do expect lots of photos from your evening of fun. Have a blast, you deserve any and all writing awards. You keep me in stitches!

    1. It won’t be nearly as fun without you here! Thanks for the kind words, and hope you get to Fairhope another time.

  4. how awesome Leslie Anne! Sounds like soooo much fun! I would love to dance in the aisles and nosh on pecan pimento cheese! You are cuter and classier than those gals from Sex in the City, and they probably wear white after Labor Day anyway~

  5. Thank you Leslie for the terrific article. Grocery shopping at Greer’s plus First Friday Night with you, Lori and all makes for a fun-filled evening. We invite your readers to come share time with us! We promise yummy tastings and special beverages! Come join us! Shop and Save everyday at Greer’s Fairhope Market, conveniently located in downtown Fairhope!

    1. You are so wonderful to host this activity every month, and I’m sure we’ll have a great time! See you Friday!

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