Lucy Hunnicutt Folk Artist

April 11, 2014


IMG_8140 Lucy Hunnicutt is a widely acclaimed folk artist who exhibits her work in galleries around the country, but she calls Baldwin County, Alabama home.


PicMonkey CollageRaised in Fairhope, Lucy lived for nine years in North Florida. Lucy, who is white, lived in the St. Mark’s community between two predominantly black churches. She would sit on her porch and listen to their music and grew to know and befriend many of the residents. These friends now frequently appear in her artwork.


IMG_8151 Lucy Hunnicutt started painting in her forties, when she was diagnosed with cancer. She was amazed at the kindness of people who appeared to help her through her sickness. Because of these events, angels and religious themes weave through many of her paintings, which all tell stories of familiar Southern events. Food is also a strong presence that entwines through her colorful acrylic works.


IMG_8136 The bold colors and deep messages have drawn loyal fans to Lucy’s work during the last decade.


IMG_8138 These works by Lucy Hunnicutt, in addition to others, are available for viewing and purchase this month at the Eastern Shore Art Center. 



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