Flowers and showers at the Festival of Flowers 2016

March 21, 2016


In one week, our Gulf Coast area has had violent storms that blew trees on houses and sent the tents at the Arts and Crafts Festival tumbling down the street. Sunny days followed and we found ourselves running the air conditioner one day, and you guessed it . . . heat the next. Strange? No, just typical around here.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaThat’s why this year, Providence Hospital Foundation’s Festival of Flowers was ready to go into “flood mode” when the skies opened up and dumped on their beautiful exhibit. Volunteers and vendors graciously shifted into extending the event into the next week, which was perfect for my schedule!


Fairhope’s Joe Comer from Espalier Landscape Architecture was this year’s show designer and did a fabulous job. I’m amazed how the show looks different each year.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne Tarabella

Now in it’s 23rd year of raising funds for Providence Hospital, this year’s theme was, “Taking Flight to a World of Gardens.” There was definitely an international flair to the trip around the world through exotic floral displays.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaMissy Patrick was the featured artist. Her landscapes and floral in oil were almost sold out by the time I arrived.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaThis is her beautiful “Alabama Pecan Tree.” Missy shows her work in several local Mobile galleries and you can see more about her HERE.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd straight from the Eastern Shore, was the energetic group from Baldwin County. Their display was soothing, with a touch of France.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaTheir beautiful rustic bench was a nice feature for any garden.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne Tarabella

And a garden table set for an al fresco aperitif looked relaxing.

Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaSome of the displays and cut flowers showed a few tiny signs of wear and tear from the beating rains and extended show days, but overall, it all still looked freshly picked and planted. I found several great ideas for my own yard. Don’t you think this giant fountain would look good in my front yard?


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd how about this display representing India? Wow. All my favorite colors!


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaHow do you like this wine bottle fountain? Designed by Fairhope’s Tommy Martiniere of Martiniere Landscape and Design, the wine/water feature was a big hit.

If only there was someone could actually touch it and turn it into real wine  . . . hmmm.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaThe outdoor vendors were still busy even though the final make-up day had a slightly lighter crowd.


Festival of Flowers 2016- Leslie Anne TarabellaCongratulations to the Providence Hospital Foundation on another successful show. The hospital has been serving the South Alabama area since 1854 and this year’s proceeds from the 2016 show will be used to purchase a state-of-the-art high resolution X-ray imaging system for Providence Hospital surgical suites.


Definitely a beautiful and fragrant way to support our local health care teams!


click HERE, HERE and HERE to see my reviews of the Festival of Flower shows in the past years.


  • […] So . . . cross your fingers and say a prayer my week improves and I make a strong recovery to attend Puttin’ on the Gritz, because no matter what else happens, I can’t miss this party! Proceeds benefit our dear Eastern Shore Art Center, and this year’s theme is Bacon, Bourbon and Boots and the incredible decor that will blow your mind (poof!) is by Joe Comer of Espalier Landscape Design, the featured designer at this year’s Festival of Flowers. […]

  • Hi Little Bitty One! Oh, this looks like a wonderful event with so much eye candy. Love the ladies’ painting. So glad you’re okay. The weather is just going crazy! We woke up with a dusting of snow this morning and now it’s all gone.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Spring snow! March is a crazy month!

  • That wine bottle fountain is amazing! I’m not the gardener in my family. I appreciate the beauty but have a black thumb so it’s best for everyone and everything if I steer clear of the plants. I’m in charge of keeping the rabbits away.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Shooing pesky rabbits away can be a tough job. You are very important to the gardeners of the world! – I was hoping you’d see the wine fountain!

  • what a fun and fabulous event! Love the wine bottle fountain!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It was drawing a crowd!

  • This looks like a beautiful event — I didn’t realize it was this weekend. We were about to freeze by the time we left, and we have had the heat on since we got home, too. That Indian display is screaming my name!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It was actually held the weekend before, but I’m just now getting around to showing the photos. Sigh. Only so much time in the day! And yes, I love those bright colors and it does remind me of your home decor you share on your blog! Beautiful!

  • Thanks for the beautiful photographs, not able to come but loved seeing this.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Put it on your calendar for next year and get over to Mobile!

  • Wow, inspiration galore here! If only I had the talent. I love the French display, love that bench. I would love to see this……….

    • Leslie Anne says:

      There was also a giant Eiffel Tower you would have looooved!!

  • I love flower shows. The first time I ever heard of garden designer Ryan Gainey was at the Atlanta garden show in 1995; he was wearing the strangest outfit — a flowing caftan and odd hat — somewhere between Asian and African! He’s quite a character but a creative, energetic gardening genius.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Ahhh . . . Ryan Gainey. Brings back memories!

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