Lois Lane Chooses China

September 6, 2013


Smelling the flowers.
Since Lois is such a high-class beagle and loves to eat, it was only
natural that she wanted her own china pattern.
I was concerned at first, but when she took me downtown and led me straight 
into beautiful Stowe’s Jewelers, there it was. 

She was right . . . it’s the most fabulous china pattern I’ve ever seen.
Some people teach their Beagles to hunt rabbits.
I taught mine to hunt fine china.
Spode’s Woodland Hunting Dogs pattern is so very, very beautiful. The original Woodland pattern featured wild game birds, which were followed by woodland animals like deer, bear and fox. The dogs were a natural addition, because all nice people love dogs.
Do you see a cat china pattern anywhere?
I think not.
Stowe’s has a beautiful display area and Lois was tickled that the Pointer was only featured on the salad plate, while the Beagle ranked higher with the larger dinner plate.
She’s so full of herself.
Stowe’s Jewelers, which has been located in Downtown Fairhope for over fifty years, is now operated by the daughters of the original owners, Joyce and Horace Stowe. Peggy and Beth have taken their parent’s business and continued the tradition of showcasing lovely merchandise and offering great personal service.
The latest trend in dinnerware is using the bride’s monogram. Oh, how Southern girls love a good monogram!  Lois didn’t like this idea much because she can’t read, so what’s the point?
Baldwin County brides have been using Stowe’s for years for their gift registry needs.
Baldwin County grooms have been using Stowe’s for years for their “put a ring on it” needs.
Lois loved this Woodlands canister – and suggested it be filled with doggy treats.
And here is Spode’s interpretation of the Fairhope Dog Park.
The dogs are saying, “Where’s Lois?”
(Out shopping again.)
Stowe’s also has beautiful table accessories like these fabulous antler candleholders.
But what Lois did Lois really want me to see?
Can you believe Spode Woodland even offers a gorgeous dog bowl with all of Lois’ friends running around the edge?
I’ve never seen another china pattern with its own dog bowl.
But being the good dog that she is, Lois also suggested I get a little something for myself.
I’m telling you – a cat wouldn’t do that.
Good girl, Lois. Good girl.

  • Lois is my kind of gal! The first dog I ever had as a little girl was a beagle and she was such a great pet. Love the china pattern (and of course, the diamond ring!)

  • Cute! Doggies really are our best friends. Need to find some Boston Terrier china now. LOL

  • I love all dogs and your Beagle is adorable…and yes, I’d like to get one that smells beautiful dishes like yours! Your table is gorgeous, I SWOONnnn… I love transferware, my post is too! Hugs,

  • Brown transfer ware with a beagle. Now you are talking:}

  • I’ve only recently discovered your blog—and I live in Fairhope! Enjoying your posts so much. Lois Lane is just the cutest Beagle ever!

    • So glad you found me! Lois says “thanks.” She’s getting the big head these days – I’m almost sorry I wrote about her!


  • Girl, you’re too funny, I don’t suppose Lois had any hints before walking downtown now, do you?

  • What a fun and gorgeous post! Lois Lane is adorable and has very good taste, too. The china pattern is beautiful and so unique.

  • It’s so good to meet Lois Lane! She’s adorable and what a pretty little Beagle face she has. Now she is really a hunting dog of the best kind – leading you right to china and jewels! 🙂 Thanks for popping in and have a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  • LOL! Now THAT’S a REALLY good dog. Can I take her shopping too? 🙂

  • Great pictures and LOL blog.

  • I love Lois ! What a great post – so funny ! But you’re so right – I have never, and I’m sure will never, see a cat on fine china !! Lois rocks !

  • This store always has the most gorgeous goods in the window — I always drool over it when we visit. I also like the store with estate jewelry.

    Lois is too cute — I had a beagle when I was a little girl with the very original name of Brownie.

  • I love the china pattern, but my cats would never allow it in the house. I’ve never thought of getting cat china, but now that you mentioned it, I would really love to find some! Lois is adorable! Beagles are cute.

  • Hi! I just found your blog through my dear friend, Lynda. I am your newest follower. I can’t wait to read back through your posts. Loved the most recent post! Lois is adorable!! I have Woodlands Turkey salad plates to use at Thanksgiving – I would love to have some of the other plates – especially the dogs. 🙂

    I live in Mobile – Fairhope is one of my favorite places EVER! Would love to live there some day. We were there a few weeks ago and had breakfast at a little diner downtown. It was so good… and homey!!

    Take care,


    • So glad to hear from you, and thanks so much for reading! I love to hear from new followers! Maybe Lois and I will see you in Fairhope one day.

  • Lois Lane did a wonderful (or should I say SUPER) job of picking china! lol xo Diana

  • Love your little beagle! She’s so cute! We have 2 beagle/bassett mixes, but I think they’d break the china, since they’re more bullish than shoppers. So this begs the question, did Lois buy the Spode dog dish?

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