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May 21, 2021


Is there anything more fun than joining Andy Andrews for his Blue Plate Special podcast? I'll just give you the answer . . . NO! 

Leslie Anne Tarabella on the Andy Andrews Blue Plate Special Podcast 2021

Andy Andrews is an amazing author and speaker. Often compared to one of my favorites —  Mark Twain, he is a true storyteller, so you know he and I can talk and talk and talk!  Andy has a weekly podcast, "The Professional Noticer" and also has a LIVE STREAM podcast twice a week, "The Blue Plate Special." 

With 26 books and more than 20 MILLION (I put that in all CAPS in case you didn't get it) copies sold around the world, I've always been a fan. I first wrote about him on a blog post back in 2013! How could you not be a fan? Andy is wise, funny, witty, deep, lighthearted and profound. And that's all within 2 minutes flat. 

Alabama authors Leslie Anne Tarabella and Andy Andrews

The Blue Plate Special is broadcast from the Wisdom Harbour Studios in Orange Beach, Alabama. If you'll be vacationing there this summer, along with half of the United States, stop by The Wharf and say hello at the world-wide studios.

And what was a HUGE mistake I made? At the very beginning of the interview, I confused Travis Tritt with Vince Gill. How in the world could I do that??? I was so nervous, but confessed what an air-head I was and kept going  — nearly fainted after the fact! 

As you'll see in the video, Andy and I talked about writing, and how we had similar backgrounds. We also hit upon the dilemma of whether or not — or when at all, an "off color" word is or is not appropriate.

We are both Christians who don't believe in going around burning the ears off nice people with foul language, but agree there are times when you are telling a story that a "colorful" word may be helpful — or even historically accurate in conveying the message. Some publishers don't like that, so we talked about the pros and cons of that issue. I revealed that in my newest book "Exploding Hushpuppies," I had to rewrite and omit the words, "gosh" and "dang" to make the publisher happy. — (*!#&!#)!!!


Click to play - you may need to fast forward a few minutes to get to the podcast.

The giant Ferris wheel at TheWharf is just outside the window of Wisdom Harbour Studios in Orange Beach. It's a great place to visit, and while I was there, remembered it was the place of one of our last family vacations with my Dad before he passed away. We strolled around The Wharf and shopped in the stores and bought ice cream cones. It was a great memory I recalled, just before the podcast with Andy began. My Dad had met Andy years before with a friend of his who was an Air Force General, so he would have been thrilled I was there on Andy's Blue Plate Special. 

Thanks for clicking on the link HERE  or the photo above of BLUE PLATE SPECIAL and watching. If you go to Andy's Facebook page, be sure to follow along and leave a comment.  - Thanks y'all (all of you)! 

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