I almost swooned! More Liberty Blue!

July 15, 2014


Update: I wrote this story a few years ago and now have no need to purchase anymore Liberty Blue. I also don’t know how to help you sell your collection other than to recommend ebay or a local antique store. 


A little less than two weeks ago, when I (bored) told you about my collection of Liberty Blue Ironstone made by Staffordshire, I shared with you how I loved the dishes and the fun I’ve had searching for them. I never thought I would find more than one or two pieces at a time, but guess what happened . . .


Historical scenes on Liberty Blue teapot, Fairhope AL

This past week, I made a trip to Georgia, and on my way, stopped at a few (many, many) antique stores. The very first stop I made, I turned down the first aisle, and stopped in my tracks.


This is what I saw . . .

Liberty Blue by Staffordshire, Fairhope ALAn entire set of Liberty Blue dinnerware was on the table . . . at the lowest prices I’ve ever seen!

I now know with great certainty, that I have a medical condition related to tableware, because I literally started shaking. When I asked the store owners about the set, my voice was quivering as if I were going to cry.

Aunt Pitty Pat faints in Gone with the Wind

Do you remember the scene where Aunt Pittypat faints when she sees Scarlett dancing with Rhett? (the nerve!) Well, I was near a full – out Pittypat – style swoon! I had to pull a (monogramed, of course) hankie from my pocketbook and dab my eyes so the store owners wouldn’t see tears spilling down my cheeks. It’s difficult to negotiate a deal when you are sobbing and spilling tears all over the merchandise.

Covered dish, Liberty Blue dishes, Fairhope AL

Since I already had plenty of dinner plates, and don’t care to have the cups and saucers, I didn’t get all of the pieces, but I scooped up the covered casserole dish, teapot, and the very pieces I told you were so difficult to find – six luncheon plates! The soup tureen needs a lid, but for now, will do fine as a deep serving bowl. The gravy boat, two platters, a vegetable bowl and a few other choice pieces were also carefully placed in my car.


Liberty Blue, Fairhope Alabama

The rest of the trip, I drove like I was bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital. I dodged dicey Atlanta traffic like a prize fighter ducks a mean punch. The Liberty Blue is now safely home, freshly cleaned and ready for everyday use.

A Liberty Mutual Insurance advertisement says, ” It’s not about the things we have, but the memories we make with them.” This is the start of some very good memories of great meals with people I love.

What are the odds?


In case you missed the excitement of my first story about Liberty Blue or just want to relive the moment . . . CLICK HERE.



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