Less than 24 hours in Birmingham

May 13, 2015


Samford University - Leslie Anne TarabellaView from his dorm room. It was even prettier in the fall.

For Mother’s Day, we left Fairhope and zipped up to Birmingham to spend time with college boy before he goes straight to his summer job in Mississippi. That’s right, Not. Even. Coming. Home. To. See. Me.




The nerve.


We helped empty his dorm room of things he won’t need this summer, which was almost everything, then spent the rest of the time enjoying a nice dinner and a bit of shopping.

Apple Watch - Leslie Anne TarabellaThe Apple Store is always the first stop for us in the big city, and this time some of the people in my family were very excited about the new Apple Watch. I still have mixed feelings about it. You have to have your iphone with you for it to work, so what’s the point? Then again, it is very, very cool looking in a Dick Tracy-esque sort of way.


Leslie Anne TarabellaThe new ultra-slim 2015 MacBook caught my eye and was as light as a feather. The MacBook Air I use now is only as light as two feathers, so I’m thinking I’ll need to upgrade (hehehe).


Leslie Anne TarabellaHere’s my big guy as I dragged him out of the Apple store and into my favorite, Restoration Hardware. This is how he wants his dorm room to look next year. Uh . . . yeah.


Aloft - Leslie Anne TarabellaWe stayed at a cool boutique hotel, “Aloft” in Homewood.


Aloft Hotel in Homewood Alabama - Leslie Anne TarabellaA game of pool on the orange pool table was just what we needed before dinner at Flip Burger (teenager’s choice). The service was extremely slow, but they were slammed because of Mother’s Day (I guess other Moms had teenagers calling the shots too). But for once, I was glad it took a long time to be served, because the four of us lingered at our outdoor table overlooking the mountains and had a fun time laughing and sipping milkshakes that tasted exactly like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.


Vulcan view - Leslie Anne TarabellaAfter dinner, we climbed to the top of The Vulcan, and by “climbed,” I mean we walked up the big hill and took the elevator to the top. Except for Young Thing, who ran up the stairs and beat us to the top without even breathing hard. This is the artistic back of his noggin’ taken by his big brother.


Birmingham Alabama at night, Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd here’s his shot of nighttime Birmingham.

Ahhh. The end of a great first year of college.


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  1. I’ve lived in Birmingham my entire life. We moved 4 years ago to Dallas! I love the Homewood area — so beautiful and such an eclectic mix of everything! Glad y’all had a great time! I must admit though, I’ve never heard Birmingham referred to as “the big city”! 🙂 We now live in Nashville and all of my friends in Birmingham think this place is the big city! I figure that it’s all relative! 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. Well, when you raise your children in a town where there are no escalators for them to ride, Birmingham is a huge city! I never realized they didn’t know about escalators until we were in Tampa one time and they were so excited, we rode it over and over again. I told the women in the store, “Sorry, we’re from a small town.”

  2. Another of those milestones that become treasured memories. What a wonderful – all too short- weekend.

    1. Much too short. I need to go back to Birmingham just to see all the other sites. I’ve been to the Sports Museum (to see Bobby Bowden’s plaque, of course) and a few other museums, but nothing lately. Shopping in Birmingham without having to go to technology stores would be a nice thing too.

  3. You packed in a week in a day Leslie Anne, and hit all the right spots it sounds like to me!! I’m not sold on the Apple watch either…the cool thing to me about an iPhone is that I don’t need a watch 🙂

    1. When I moved to Fairhope, it was a big ordeal that I stopped wearing a watch because I felt like I was on constant vacation! I don’t know if I want to go back to that or not.

  4. I didn’t know they had turned some of those loft spaces into a hotel! I have to rely on “tourists” to tell me these things. That is a fabulous shot of Birmingham — I’d love to have one to frame.

    1. That’s like I rarely get down to the beach and read other people’s blogs about the fun they had in Gulf Shores and think, “I didn’t know that restaurant was there!”

  5. Love Birmingham and the Aloft is a great place to stay. My number one son spent a year at Samford before transferring home to Millaps but I loved visiting him while he was there. Where is your boy working in the hospitality state this summer? I am in Jackson and would be happy to show him some hospitality if he is anywhere near me!

    1. Well, he’s deep in the woods. Barely any cell phone connection, and lots of mosquitoes. I doubt you would want to be near him! But as a Mother, I deeply appreciate the offer and may call you in the middle of the night when I have one of those panics that make me think, “He’s not eating enough vegetables!!!”

  6. Moved my two boys 8 times in and out of dorms…was exhausted, but look back fondly on those days. They are now both gainfully employed…thank goodness.

    1. Samford does a nice thing when Freshmen arrive, they have a team of upperclassmen swarm the car and have them unloaded, and in their rooms within minutes. No sweat, no hard labor . . . but from there on, it’s all us!

  7. Seems you enjoyed your time in B’ham. It is where I love to go to shop. Glad you had a fun weekend with your favorite people while there……….

    1. Thanks Emily. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! You’ll have to share some of those shopping spots!

  8. Your son (s) will surely remember what terrific parents they have. “Hamburger place for my Mothers’ Day dinner? Sure. Milkshakes while we wait for our table? Why not.” Wonderful memories for everyone.

    1. Thanks Katie. He’s matured into a free-spirited looking dude, which I think is still adorable!

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