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October 5, 2022


I'm blessed to have been nurtured by the most creative city in the world.  Fairhope Alabama has always supported those of us who write, paint, sculpt, dance or sing. There's something about the humid air of Alabama mixed with the sunsets of Mobile Bay that encourages us to create. And yet again, my dear friends came out to support my 3rd book, Bringing Christmas Home

It's a Christmas book, so I brought out the Christmas wardrobe. Lots of pearls and poinsettias. 

William Stitt, Alabama's Retailer of the Year for his small -batch Bill-E's Bacon, opened his popular Bill-E's restaurant for the party and served miniature Christmas Dress "Sundaes." People went crazy over the savory treat. We had a crowd, so he had to run to the kitchen to prepare more. 

My friend Roy gave a deeply personal review of Bringing Christmas Home. He said it helped him rethink the holidays after he's had a difficult year. He then gave books to those who promised to pass them on to someone who needed a little hope this year. The Christmas spirit arrived early. Thank you, Roy! 

My ever-organized and personable friend, Barbara, helped greet people and organize the line at the signing table. On the right, my Mother, Aunt Beth and Uncle Phil were on hand to offer support.

With my friend Ashley above, and on the right,  "Mr. Star face" was sent to me by a friend after the party. Her 8 year old son heard me speak, then went home and read the book before bed and said he loved it! Wow! Thanks, Mr. Star face! 

And this beautiful teenager is Carlie. At the beginning of Bringing Christmas Home, I named a character after her. She's a dear young lady in real life, and exhibits great kindness. I knew her name would be perfect for the "Carlie" in the book. Thanks Carlie, for missing dance class to be at the party and for loaning me your name. 

And thanks to everyone who attended - to name a few, Arlene, one of my most loyal readers, Alan, Susan, and my friend Mark, from high school — whom I hadn't seen in MANY years, along with his beautiful family. My neighbors, church family, a few of my doctors (one was hurriedly returning to the hospital to deliver a baby), longtime friends Mimi and Ken, Trina and dear Kathy who was catching a plane just after a family death, but made time to stop by and grab a book for the journey. There were also many readers I've never met, but were so kind to attend, and also several who had to pop in for a brief moment in-between soccer games. I am grateful to you all. Bringing Christmas Home is off to a great start. Thank you Fairhope! 

It feels good to create. 

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