Late Bloomer

May 10, 2023


I had the entire day blocked out to work on a new book, but alas, I began with the writer's chores of procrastination and distraction. I only meant to clip a few roses and gardenias, but then noticed a weed. Then, I realized the mounds of drift roses needed thinning and, 3 hours later, was exhausted, with a mountain of thorn-filled clippings to haul to the curb.

As I was procrastinating, I walked past the spot where the Iris had been in full bloom just a few weeks before and remembered how lush they looked.

But when I passed by today, they were withered and dead. 

Except for one late-bloomer. 

I've always loved late bloomers because, in just about every category, I am one.
It always makes me choke a little when someone says my writing is a "late-in-life gift." First of all, "Ahem, didn't your mother teach you better than to call out a lady's age?"

But also, I believe every gift is right on time. God is never late. He knows what we need and when we need it. If I'd started writing my newspaper column any earlier, I would have missed spending lots of time with my sons. It would have been stressful to try and fit a weekly deadline into being the kind of mother I wanted to be.

To ease the teenage angst of being younger and a step-behind all the other girls in my grade, my mother would always say, "Early bloom, early rot." I actually think she was more concerned about it than I, but as I aged, I learned she was right. 

For everything there is a season. Our gifts are given precisely when we need them and we are never too old to receive a gift that is the absolute perfect fit. 

There's no such thing as a late-in-life gift. They're just "gifts." Now, get up and use them! 

  • I love this. I took time out in my career to be home when our teens needed me and then continued my career when they were in college and needed the money fir those expenses. People certainly had opinions – but I trusted the Lord with those decisions. Trusted Him with my future.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      It’s good to have options. Not everyone does, but I know you feel blessed and don’t take it for granted.Thanks for the note Vicki.

  • I love this Leslie Anne! Thank you! Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      And to you as well! After all your trials commenting, you are finally the first to be able to comment now that it SEEMS TO BE fixed! Thanks for the persistence!

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