It’s a (faux) Martha Stewart kind of Christmas

December 14, 2015


Christmas Cookies , from the blog by Leslie Anne TarabellaBaking is a big deal for me at Christmas, but this year, I’ve yet to even pull out my rolling pins. So when young teen-boy had to be at the church youth party in 15 minutes, and oh . . . “by the way, I need to bring a dessert . . .”


Easy and quick almost-homemade cookies from the blog by Leslie Anne TarabellaI remembered what I had done last Valentine’s Day (HERE).


Almost homemade Christmas cookies from Leslie Anne TarabellaI sprinted to the kitchen and pulled out a box of White Fudge Oreos I had bought last week, along with beautiful Wilton candies in the shapes of holly berries and cardinals. I whipped out one of my Lenox Holiday plates, because, darlin’, we all know everything looks better on a lovely china plate!


Homemade cookies that start with Oreos! From the blog by Leslie Anne TarabellaAfter mixing together  a quick powdered sugar-water base (you can still see some of it oozing out the edges of the candies) to use as the “glue,” I stuck the candies on the cookies and . . . there you have it, beautiful (semi) homemade Christmas cookies!


And a few hours later, after fun and games, here’s the end of the story . . .

“Mom! all the other Moms sent store-bought desserts. I was embarrassed that you took so much time to look fancy!” I tried to explain these were definitely 10-minute store-bought treats, but he said no one believed him and thought I had worked all day on them!


Sigh . . . it’s hard being such a (faux) Martha Stewart kind of Mom!


Christmas Cookie baking time, by Leslie Anne Tarabella

Here’s a picture of what it looks like when I really do bake. Stand back, Martha! (HERE).

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