It’s a (faux) Martha Stewart kind of Christmas

December 14, 2015


Christmas Cookies , from the blog by Leslie Anne TarabellaBaking is a big deal for me at Christmas, but this year, I’ve yet to even pull out my rolling pins. So when young teen-boy had to be at the church youth party in 15 minutes, and oh . . . “by the way, I need to bring a dessert . . .”


Easy and quick almost-homemade cookies from the blog by Leslie Anne TarabellaI remembered what I had done last Valentine’s Day (HERE).


Almost homemade Christmas cookies from Leslie Anne TarabellaI sprinted to the kitchen and pulled out a box of White Fudge Oreos I had bought last week, along with beautiful Wilton candies in the shapes of holly berries and cardinals. I whipped out one of my Lenox Holiday plates, because, darlin’, we all know everything looks better on a lovely china plate!


Homemade cookies that start with Oreos! From the blog by Leslie Anne TarabellaAfter mixing together  a quick powdered sugar-water base (you can still see some of it oozing out the edges of the candies) to use as the “glue,” I stuck the candies on the cookies and . . . there you have it, beautiful (semi) homemade Christmas cookies!


And a few hours later, after fun and games, here’s the end of the story . . .

“Mom! all the other Moms sent store-bought desserts. I was embarrassed that you took so much time to look fancy!” I tried to explain these were definitely 10-minute store-bought treats, but he said no one believed him and thought I had worked all day on them!


Sigh . . . it’s hard being such a (faux) Martha Stewart kind of Mom!


Christmas Cookie baking time, by Leslie Anne Tarabella

Here’s a picture of what it looks like when I really do bake. Stand back, Martha! (HERE).

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  1. I was always one of the store-bought Moms. And I was always so envious of the Moms who brought in beautiful cookies. I have a feeling your son was secretly proud of his Martha-Mom!

  2. I always look forward to your blog and the insights it gives of life in an area of the world unknown to me. I live in Brisbane Australia and I am embarrassed to say have never really thought much about the US outside NY or LA. Well that has changed and I am intrigued to read about your customs and life in the Gulf. I have also started learning about Florida as my youngest son’s partner is a Florida girl, my eldest is married to a young lady from Panama City. My world has exploded! I was born in England and we emigrated to Australia where I have lived ever since only ever traveling to Europe and back to the UK. I love your tradition of Thanksgiving and all it stands for it is something Australia could well adopt although without the tradition! I guess Christmas is the big event here as far as celebration goes but it is increasingly hijacked by the politically correct. I will cook turkey and a full roast followed by Christmas pudding (my great grandmothers recipe) and brandy butter. Mince pies and shortbread fill any holes that might be left. I should say that it is a labour of love as our temperature will probably be around 35 deg C. Most Australians are much more sensible and have a BBQ and seafood but that is my heritage and I stick with it. Thank you again, I hope you have a safe, joyous and peaceful Christmas and I look forward to your posts next year.

    1. Hi Lindsey,

      Thanks so much for the interesting note! I think your customs sound fascinating, and I love that you continue to bring elements of your heritage into the celebrations. It must be wonderful to live in Australia and be surrounded by all the natural beauty! Panama City, FL isn’t too far from here – about 3 hours and it has beautiful white sandy beaches like much of our Gulf Coast area.

      Very warm here today, like your home – arond 76°F. At least we have that in common! Thank you so much for writing and being my #1 reader Down Under!

  3. Cute! I probably would have run by the supermarket, grabbed a tray and said “this is what you get for not telling me!” Ha!

  4. Yes, darlin’ using a Sunday china plate is always required for a church party. None of that everyday china will do.

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