LaGrange Georgia

July 14, 2014


IMG_9910Good morning, from beautiful LaGrange, Georgia!


Lafayette is presiding over the city park on a warm summer day.

IMG_9914And the town is opening all it’s fabulous shops just for me.

Have you ever been to LaGrange?


  • LaGrange is much fun. It is so nice to see a small town with a thriving downtown. We stopped by on our way to Waverly, Al and had lunch at the famous Charlie Joseph’s Hotdogs right downtown. Much fun. Hill & Dales is on my list of places to visit.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I saw Charlie Joseph’s and it looked good, but it was too early for lunch. Maybe next time!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It was a ton of fun, and next time you need to come with me!

  • I’ve never been. What drew you there? And, will you be back for the meeting tomorrow?
    It looks lovely. The downtown shop area looks eerily like our own Fairhope. I had a weird Twilight Zone feeling while looking at your picture. Ha!

  • You must eat at “A Taste of Lemon.”

  • I have never been there, but I do love small towns.

  • Have not been in years, but moved to Fairhope from Peachtree City and my friends and I used to drive over to LaGrange to shoe shop…can’t remember the name of the store. PTC was quite small then, so a LaGrange outing was a big deal! Looks like LaGrange has changed a bit too and would probably be an even bigger deal outing now. 😉

    Love your blog! Met your sweet Daddy a few years ago!

  • Maybe, maybe not. I can’t remember but with Lafayette in the town center it has to have an interesting past. I will certainly look forward to a visit in the future and a tour of homes.

  • LaGrange is a lovely town. One of the most beautiful homes in Georgia is located there and open for tours. The house is Hills and Dales, a Neel Reid-designed home built in 1914 for the Callaway family.

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