Labor Day and Birthday Update

September 7, 2015


Labor Day, Fairhope Supply Co. Happy Labor Day to all the American workers who make this country great!


seersucker cap, patriotic, Fairhope Alabama

To accompany my rant in the sidebar .  .   . summer’s not over! At least not here on the Gulf Coast. It’s still beautiful beach weather and I’m hoping to sneak off to the beach sometime after the Labor Day crowds have disappeared back to their dark, sad, beach-less caves.


There’s always a breeze down at the Gulf, so I’m not packing away the beach umbrella just yet. No pumpkins allowed around here until after the official start of fall on September 21st!

American flag, By Fairhope Alabama Artist, Gigi HackfordDo you remember these gorgeous flag paintings by Gigi Hackford? (HERE). Gigi is one of my favorite local Fairhope  artists, and for my birthday . . . my husband gave me two of her paintings! An American flag and an Alabama flag! JUST WHAT I WANTED! He also organized a little get-together with dear, sweet friends and swept me off for a delicious dinner. Now . . . wasn’t that the most perfect day? And I only had to hint a tiny little bit! (Having your own blog to drop hints on works wonders! I think everyone in town was giving the poor man a hard time about my birthday!).


Gigi Hackford, Fairhope Artist, Fairhope AL


Here’s Gigi in her studio/gallery in downtown Fairhope.You may remember her adorable tiny cottage (HERE) which I’ll soon be updating for you.  When dear friend Rachel last visited Fairhope, she also purchased a flag painting for The Trammell House in Marietta. Now we have sister flags!



Patriotic Beagle, Fairhope Alabama

And you-know-who was up and dressed for the holiday early this morning. Lois Lane loves a good party, especially one where we cook-out barbecued ribs! Mmmm! Hope you have a fun, tasty holiday of fun as well.



Need ideas for BBQ or just want to savor the photos? Click HERE to see my Southern BBQ Pinterest page.


And to see what I mean about a BBQ vs. a Cook-Out, click HERE.

Happy Labor Day to you!

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  1. Happy Labor Day to you too. Don’t know which I like best, the beautiful paintings of the flag or the Beagle Royal, Lois, in her patriotic colors.

  2. How beautiful!! I love a good flag painting!! We are counting down the days to Gulf Shores….12 more!! So glad summer is not over in LA.( Lower Alabama for those not from our state!!)

    1. I know! I love the beach in Sept. and Oct. before the Snowbirds get here and after the summer crowds have left. Have fun and let me know if you make it to Fairhope!

  3. Glad your birthday was wonderful! Lois is a fashion-plate as always. Couldn’t agree more with your rant. Those dumb-ass home tours are such a silly waste of time.

    1. Hahaha!!!! Please! Show me one more fall wreath and pumpkin spiced latte recipe!!!

      Forgive me, and bless those less fortunate.

    1. Thanks Katie. It’s the same bandana that Willie wears on Duck Dynasty. I’m sure you knew that, didn’t you?

    1. I looked everywhere for a photo of your painting hanging in your library. I thought I had snapped one last time I was there! Time for me to visit again and bring my camera!

  4. Lucky you and Happy Birthday! Lois Lane looks lovely in her patriotic attire. Hope you enjoy your holiday and btw I agree about the pumpkins – it’s stills summer in Jackson, MS too!

  5. Please add to your rant supermarkets selling hot cross buns a month after Christmas and clothes shops who sell winter clothes….coats, jumpers etc in sub tropical Brisbane just because the rest of Australia needs them. Enjoy reading your blog very much, thank you.

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