King Cotton

October 28, 2013


Cotton Field
“King Cotton” once ruled the agriculture scene in Alabama with over 4 million acres devoted to the plant. But due to disease and the development of other crops, Alabama farmers now
 devote only 1.3  million acres to the plant.
That’s still plenty for us to enjoy looking at this time of year.
Fairhope Alabama Cotton
Alabama cotton exports account for $126.5 million each year, and
 is grown in 59 of Alabama’s 67 counties.
Baldwin County Cotton
For every $40 pair of bluejeans sold, the cotton farmer gets a share of $1.46.
For a $14 terry cloth bath towel, the farmer makes 45 cents.
Alabama Cotton Field
One bale of cotton can produce 8,000 men’s handkerchiefs, 850 ladies blouses,
3,000 diapers, and 1,200 pillowcases.
Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries
(in million metric tons)
Rank Country 2009 2010 2011
1  China 6,377,00 5,970,000 6,588,950
2  India 4,083,400 5,683,000 5,984,000
3  United States 2,653,520 3,941,700 3,412,550
4  Pakistan 2,111,400 1,869,000 2,312,000
5  Brazil 956,189 973,449 1,673,337
6  Uzbekistan 1,128,200 1,136,120 983,400
7  Turkey 638,250 816,705 954,600
8  Australia 329,000 386,800 843,572
9  Turkmenistan 220,100 330,000 330,000
10  Argentina 135,000 230,000 295,000
World 19,848,921 22,714,154 24,941,738
Source: UN Food & Agriculture Organization [44]

China wins.

Cotton Field
This photo is a bit hazy due to the bright sun, but the cotton was planted in a field beneath rows of pecan trees. It was absolutely beautiful and I hope there is always something pretty growing here, not another subdivision. Yes, that happens here too.

If you want to read my post about the dreaded Boll Weevil that seemingly wrecked the cotton crops, but unknowingly brought great riches to those in this part of the country, click here to read, “Peanuts and a Bible Story.”

Then, go out and buy something made in the USA from cotton.
All cotton farmers thank you.

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  1. Hard labor for so little return. I’ve always loved historical novels about the old days where cotton was king. My father and his brothers spent their share of time growing up picking cotton. It was not a fun job.

  2. I love me some cotton! Especially good cotton clothing, nothing else can compare! Thanks for sharing with us what a tiny bit the farmer makes, yet he is essential to the process.

  3. I’m so glad you posted these photos! I’ve wanted to stop and photograph the fields, but I didn’t want to get in any trouble. One of these days I’m going to get brave, pull over and on 104 and get me some donkey pictures.

  4. I grew up by dirt roads that were flanked by fields of cotton. I still drive down paved roads flanked by fields of cotton so not much has changed.

  5. Bonjour,

    Je suis heureuse d’avoir poussé la porte de votre blog… une très jolie publication.
    Vos photos de champs de coton sont fantastiques et fascinantes.
    Gros bisous

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