“Just go act royal”

January 1, 2023


Are New Year's resolutions firm promises or more of a general wish? I guess there's wiggle room depending on what you call them. My resolution to "eat more fried chicken" in 2011 was really an attempt to curb my overly strict (and no fun) diet. That year, whenever I had the opportunity to eat fried chicken, I finally gave an enthusiastic, “yes, thank you!” The family reunion no longer looked like a sad dry salad but became what it was really meant to be — a sweet opportunity to enjoy life with people I loved. It was a serious resolution that had a wide range of implications. 

Sometimes resolutions can go by different names. 

Advice from author Richi Reynolds, came in an afterthought from a story on her blog, “Three Friends and a Fork.” Richi listed her pet peeves of the year and amongst other things, mentioned the overload of information about Harry and Meghan. She explained, “If the Sussexes truly want privacy, they are going about it the wrong way.” 

Richi then added, “just go act royal.” 

This reminded me of the instructions the late football coach Bobby Bowden gave his players before they entered an upscale hotel before their bowl game, “Act like you’ve been here before.” 

In other words, if you want to be a royal, act like the crown is on your head. If you want to be a serious athlete, behave like one. If you want to be successful in anything, act like a success. Keep moving and don’t worry about lists and resolutions. Spend more time “doing” and less time talking about what you’ll do. 

This is why I’m not a fan of “life coaches.” They used to be called “your granny,” who offered advice for free. While pointing her finger at your nose, she’d say, “Stop talking about living life and just go live.” 

Our dreams and passions, talents and skills are unique to us and readily available. We already have a deep understanding of what we need to do. Yes, sometimes we’ll fail, but we also know what motivates us to get back up and keep going. 

An essential part of tackling my plans is knowing that nurturing my relationship with God will make my path straight and decisions will be easier. 

Officially writing our plans down and calling them ideas, goals, dreams or resolutions is fine, and even somewhat helpful for those of us who like doodling, but in reality, we already know what is in our heart without lifting a pen. 

Writing it down only adds to the stack of papers that will clutter my desk by February. 

Just go live life. 

Just go act royal. 

New Year's Day Hoppin' John

***Popping up in my email just as I was ready to publish this, was a timely video from Wisdom Harbour. Friend and super-author, Andy Andrews, was also thinking about goals and resolutions. His opinion of goals surprised me and probably others as well since he consults many large businesses. (curious? Subscribe to Wisdom Harbour for the full story). Let’s just say he prefers different methods of motivation rather than traditional goals. Yes, even for important CEO's. And it makes perfect sense! 

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