Dancing Jule and a little story too

February 9, 2017


The open Prosecco and Dixie cups lets you know it was a class act.

The Fairhope Writer’s Group has been busy promoting our book, “The Original Fairhope Guidebook.” Above with me on the left, are co-authors, Jule Moon, Ron Meszaros and his wife Ellen Grigg — who is the wonderful artist for our book illustrations, Phyllis Pittman and Rosanne Gulisano. Those missing, or else running through the deli, are Bob Glennon, Vicki Armitage, Ken James and Joe Worley.


You know, our Writer’s Group is quite “big-time” these days and have had to reorder several times since Christmas. No worries that we only order 10 books at a time -Hahaha! Just kidding! But actually, we’ve done very well, and this past Friday evening, grabbed the most coveted of spots on the local literary trail, when we were invited to be the featured authors at Greer’s Fairhope Market.


Lori Dubose and Mark Swally from WABF radio 1480 broadcast the festivities live.

Yes, I know it’s a grocery store, but you have to understand, we do things a little differently around here.


My favorite salad dressing, Vitolli’s, was on hand giving out samples of their products which include a new red sauce that is fabulous! It’s all made right here in Baldwin County!
William Stitt from Old 27 Grill, provided the crowd with samples of his home-cured, gourmet bacon.

The first Friday of every month, Greer’s hosts a party and invites local food producers to set up in the aisles and provide samples to the customers. The local radio station, WABF (used to be 1220AM, but recently switched to 1480 AM) broadcasts a live music show, with games and catchy tunes played throughout the store.


Lori Dubose and Jule Moon, Greer's Market, Fairhope
Lori Dubose interviews Jule Moon, live on WABF 1480 AM.

The featured authors sit in the produce section (’cause we’re so FRESH!) and sign books. What’s so strange about that?

(There’s supposed to be an adorable video here of Jule dancing in the store, but I can’t get it to work! I’ll work on it more today and see if I can fix it). 


Anyway, our wisest and most beautiful member of the group, Jule (pronounced Julie) Moon who is 97 years old, was the belle of the ball, and the men were lined up back to the bananas to get a chance to spin her around the floor.


Don’t forget, you can grab your copy of our book (and two or three for your friends) at Page and Palette, The Fairhope Company, and The Fairhope Museum of History. If you are out of town and want a copy, email me and I’ll fix you up with one. I’ll also have copies on hand when I speak at First United Methodist Church in Pensacola at Saturday Morning With Friends.



Okay . . . now, here’s the story I promised. I didn’t post my column from last week, so here, for your reading pleasure is . . .

Fascinating, wiggly boys

Boys have always fascinated me, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised God gave me two of my own. I’ve never been afraid of bugs, love to be outside and even though I’m fairly girly-girl and love glitter and all things pink, the sight of blood doesn’t freak me out and I’m cool with (rational) kids having pocketknives and so-forth. Scientists even proved a dirty little boy is actually a healthier boy, so I’m okay with mud too.

I’ve always understood that boys need to be free, to explore and to literally be on the move every few minutes. But for some reason, most schools don’t understand this concept and have our boys (and girls) sitting for long periods of times in rooms with small windows, if any at all. My eldest son spent both 2nd and 3rdgrades in windowless classrooms and my other son had a teacher that would . . .  click HERE to continue reading at AL.com



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