Jubilee! Jubilee! Jubilee!

November 27, 2012


Dr. Karyn Tunks, Fairhope Alabama, University of South Alabama
Dr. Karyn W. Tunks, Fairhope author, professor and Mom.

Since my children are a bit older, it’s been ages since I last bought a children’s book for our house. But that has now changed.  I found the most incredible book, and although it is appropriate for children, I predict it will soon be on every coffee table along the Gulf Coast whether or not there are children in the house.

Jubilee!, written by University of South Alabama Professor and Fairhope resident, Dr. Karyn W. Tunks  is the book I’ve always looked for.  It not only explains the phenomenon of our local Jubilees in a scientific way, it also entertains through a charming story.  And I emphasis the “charming.”

Jubilee! By Dr. Karyn Tunks, Fairhope Alabama
This illustration took my breath away! Thorough research produced accurate
artwork depicting Fairhope in 1963.

The artwork, by Louisiana artist, Julie Dupre’ Buckner is absolutely perfect.  The fun story behind the artwork is that  even though they were collaborating on a tale about a Jubilee, neither the artist nor the author had ever actually experienced the event.  Julie decided to drive over to Fairhope to scout out the local area and take notes for her drawings, when lo and behold . . . on the only night she was here . . .at 2am  . . .  you guessed it  . . . JUBILEE!  JUBILEE!  JUBILEE!!!!!!!!!!

Karyn and Julie were shocked, amazed, dancing, happy and shouting for joy!  Just the thing they had longed for occurred at the precise time they needed it.  God even blesses us through the fish in the bay!  (Did you know the original name for Mobile Bay was Bay of the Holy Spirit?  But that’s another story).

Jubilee on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay - Jubilee! Book by Karyn Tunks
Karyn told the story of the Jubilee through the eyes of a child, because everyone she interviewed always related their experience of seeing their first Jubilee when they were young.

Jubilee! is an instant classic.  I predict it will be in every classroom, (teacher gift, anyone?) and home by the end of the year. It’s going to be my new standard baby shower gift. Much more interesting than onesies.

Since Karyn teaches Early Childhood Education classes, she is familiar with the need for readable books. Not too wordy, not too cutesy, but just right.  She uses language that lifts a young reader up, and never talks down.  There is even a glossary in the back to explain terms.

Jubilee! hits home because  . . .

it’s the story of our home. Fish and all.

Visit Dr. Tunks web site by clicking here. 

Jubilee! is available at Page and Palette.  It will be loved by babies, children, adults, and really, really old people too.  

To read about what a Jubilee is, click here.

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