Jessica in Italy

May 12, 2023


Travel is opening up once more and the world is expected to take off and go-go-go this summer. I've heard it referred to as, "revenge travel" because everyone is weary of all the previous restrictions from past years. But, no matter what you call it . . . what shall we wear?

You may remember in 2019 - which seems like a lifetime ago, I was in Italy and posted a story on What to wear in Italy

Italians are stylish and don't appreciate visitors looking like rumpled bums. One man told us he didn't think we were Americans because we didn't look "sloppy." 

Ummm . . . thanks for the compliment and offending my entire country at the same time (unfortunately, I have to agree with him). 

When I discovered my friends Jessica and Gray were going to Italy, I asked them to report back and let me know what everyone was wearing. Have things changed since the pandemic? 

Casual on the waterfront, yet still looking chic.

I can tell you, there are no finer representatives of America than Jessica and Gray. I love them dearly.

Jessica looks like she belongs in this room full of beautiful art.

Gray is a close friend of my son Harrison. He and Jessica have been married for a few years and are superstars in their fields. Gray graduated from college in 3 years, then earned both his MBA and law degree from Cumberland School of Law. He's now working as an attorney in Birmingham. Jessica is a former Miss Alabama and a talented vocalist. She's taking the real estate world by storm as the #1 agent in units and volume sold in her brokerage in Birmingham, AL  for 2022. She was also a top 10 finalist in the national Rookie of the Year award. I'm so proud of the two of them, as if they were my own!

Two of the hardest working people I know, this couple deserved a get-away. And what a fabulous adventure it was! 

Jessica reported that comfortable shoes are a must, and she still saw many women wearing casual, yet beautiful dresses. 

Jessica said, "In Cinque Terre the typical Italian dress-code goes out the window. With it being waterfront, we often wore swimsuit cover ups, tank tops, and more resort wear."

In Venice at the La Fenice Opera House where Jessica's father once sang!

A true Southern girl, Jessica knew how to prepare for unpredictable weather. She said, "In Rome and Florence layers will SAVE you! It can often be chilly in the morning and evening, yet rise to 70+ during the day. Wearing long pants or a long comfortable dress with a jacket or a sweater you can shed is key." 

The Itchy paper dress you must use to cover up if you are exposing too much skin. From this post.

And reinforcing my story about having to wear the "paper dress of shame" in Cathedrals if you aren't properly attired (above), Jessica added,  "Keeping the length of your skirt/pants past the knees and the shoulders covered helps make sure you won’t get kicked out of any churches." Amen, and when in Rome . . . cover the knees. 

Gray held his own as a fashionable American.

Is travel in your future? Half the fun is planning the trip. 

Not only is Jessica a sweet friend, but I can recommend her as an excellent and trustworthy realtor as well. If you are in the market for buying or selling a property in Birmingham, AL, give her a call. You won't regret it. She's a joy in Alabama, Italy and beyond! 

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