Isn’t she lovely?

August 5, 2021


I've already made this post once, but the internet gulped it down with a crash. I didn't want you to think I'd taken it down because we're so happy with finally having some good news in this world — so here it is again.

Engagement photo - Harrison Tarabella

While hiking in Mt. Rainier National Park with a group of 6 friends, Harrison pretended to work with the other photographer friends and test the lighting.  At the exact moment his brother and all the other photographers in the group were "practicing," he dropped to one knee and popped the question. 

They were all so happy and it was a great adventure. I was glad my other son Joe was there, making a video of the entire proposal. How did we ever used to get engaged without paparazzi?

If there were 1,000 girls standing in front of me, I would have selected Abbie for Harrison. She's not only perfect for him, but she's perfect for our family. They are planning a winter wedding and now, I must find a dress — the real fun begins! 

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