Hound Dogs

January 18, 2016


Fox hunt.No, not Elvis this time, but the real four-legged kind of hound.


Sporting dog.
My friend Kim G. has a fluffy-foo-foo dog with painted toenails and bows in its furry ears. Cute as a button, but not my kind of dog. Kim heard me mention my dog Mabel (may she rest in peace), but when she saw Mabel for the first time, was visibly upset that I had a rough looking mutt of a dog. Highly offended (not really) I doubled down and loved Mabel’s too long legs and too big ears even more.


Leslie Anne Tarabella and Mabel. Here’s Mabel, who came before Lois Lane and Doug. We rescued her from the shelter in Marietta, Georgia with only three days to spare. She lived to be 16 years old.


Beagle themed sweater.

Southerners have always had an affinity for mutts, and yes, even prissy little dogs, but don’t you think it’s the hound dogs we love the most?


Hunting dogs.

They’ve been workers, helping us rid the farm of critters that destroy the crops.


Pheasant hunting. Hound are also great hunters who  help  find dinner.


Red Bone Coon - Hound. Loyal and sweet dog.

And they’ve guarded our houses (and stills . . . um, “businesses”) with their loud howls that can be heard for miles away on a clear moonlit night.

Beagle: Trouble wrapped in cuteness.Partial to Beagles myself (trouble wrapped in cuteness), I’ve made a hound-dog Pinterest board for you to follow and browse through the beautiful photos of all types of pups. It includes coloring sheets for the creative types, clothing, jewelry, home decor and the hounds themselves. I’ve even thrown in a few mutts and fluffy types to keep everyone happy. (But it is definitely a no-cat zone!)

Hound dogs are loyal companions. What type of dog do you love most? I’m guessing many of you are like Kim and love the fluffy-puppies. That’s okay, it takes all kinds of dogs to make this world a better place.


hound dogs

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A-WOOoooooooo . . .



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