Hot as new love

July 26, 2017


Summer in the South — it’s hot as new love, and this is the time of the year that separates those who are long-time Southerners who know how to roll with the heat, from those newer residents who are taken by surprise.  Although we welcome new neighbors from other regions, the ones who set in complaining about the weather make us scratch our heads. Didn’t they know how hot it gets down here? How could our weather take them by surprise?

The reason I’m questioning newcomer’s preparations for the heat is because my neighbors Connie and Al, who have lived here for about three years, asked my son to cut their grass while they’re out of town this summer, from June 15th, until . . . it cools down. They fled to Connie’s sister’s home in New Hampshire and didn’t give us a return date, but said they’d watch the weather forecast to know when to return. We’re guessing we won’t see them back here in South Alabama until just before Halloween.


The evil sister trio of heat, humidity and hurricanes, combine forces to test our strength. Along the coast, there’s no erasing stormy memories of pulling limbs off our cars in the late heat of August, then going inside to cool off in our 95° houses with no air-conditioning, due to the power being knocked out. Never fear, the hole in the roof gave us a nice breeze as we slept. Areas further inland seem to share similar situations with more than their share of tornadoes.

What makes the storms, heat and humidity worth it, is our ability to unite and find the good in just about anything. When the weather turns ugly, neighbors spring into action, checking on each other. During a heat wave, we take a pint of homemade lemonade over to our neighbor, Miss Bertie Lou O’Dell, who taught us in the third grade, and ask if she needs help changing her air filters or if she’d like another fan. After hurricanes, we know everything in the freezer is going to ruin without electricity, so we fire up . . . click HERE to continue reading at

Thank you, hot readers!

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