Historic Oakton Part Two

January 24, 2014


This is part two of my tour through the historic Oakton home in Marietta, Georgia.
To see the first post and read about the history of the house, click here.


The Cowboy and Indian room.
Although Oakton is steeped in history, the owners, Will and Michelle Goodman have done an outstanding job of maintaining the original character of the home while adding their personal touches.


 Since Michelle was a little girl, she loved playing wild west games. She started her collection when she was only ten years old and would accompany her grandparents to flea markets in New England. That’s right, you heard me. New England. Yep, a sweet Northern girl grew up to live in a Confederate headquarter’s Southern mansion.

IMG_6892Little figures are tucked among the furniture. This guy is on the lookout for . . .

IMG_6895 . . . these guys.  They remind me of my own Indian in the Cupboard.


The large room faces the front of the house and the bay window is used to feature the Christmas tree during the holidays when the house is full of parties and lucky guests.
Whenever I see someone’s house, no matter what time of the year it is,
I always want to know,
“Where do you put the tree?”Is that some kind of sickness?


But to take the tree’s place during the rest of the year, there’s a constant standoff
 between the North and South.

IMG_6896The coziest of all reading nooks with authentic western blanket fabrics is the perfect place to curl up to read.


These massive sliding pocket doors were found in the barn (which you will see next week) and brought into the house by the owners to reclaim their rightful space. They left the doors in the worn condition found which matched the western room just fine.


On the other side of the doors is the master bedroom with a bed which has belonged to the house for over a century. You’ll have to go take your own tour to hear the history of who croaked in that bed.
Not spooky at all, just historically fascinating!


This is the part of the house that is ingenious. A large addition to the original structure was added and is hidden behind the original structure, but when viewed from the back of the property, looks like it was always there.
This is where all the modern day “toys” are kept, like televisions and dishwashers.
The large functional room includes old distressed wood floors in a modern kitchen with an eating area that overlooks the formal gardens. There is also a modern and cozy television area (for Will’s favorite Georgia Tech games), laundry and bathroom.
Hallelujah for modern plumbing!


The style of cabinetry and decor is a match to that of the original section of the house for a perfect and seamless blend.


The built in plate rack and punched tin cabinets meld modern conveniences with the old style.
Don’ t you know that General Major Loring’s men would have loved to have had a microwave oven when they occupied this home during the Civil War!
Well, lack of electricity may have been a slight problem. Details!


During garden and home additions, many treasures were found,
like the broken pieces of this teacup.
A little superglue and now you have an instant 100 (plus) year old jigsaw puzzle!


And a sweet highchair with silver baby treasures waits in the corner.


And like another famous Georgian, Gerald O’Hara once said, “Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.”
There’s something mighty powerful in the red clay of Georgia.
And Will and Michelle know it firsthand.
Stay tuned for next week’s look at Oakton’s original barn that is nowWill’s landscape office and the outdoor gardens.

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  1. As many times as I’ve been to Oakton, I never knew that about the chess set! I love seeing a familiar place through fresh eyes.

    Perfect GWTW quote at the end. Did you know that George Cukor visited Oakton when he was scouting to film Gone With The Wind? And… scenes from the documentary, Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel, were filmed at Oakton. I love all these circular connections!

  2. Loved the second part of the tour. Look at the little North and South checker board! My hubby would love that. He is involved in so many Confederate organizations! 😉
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed these two posts so much. I’m only about an hour from Marietta. With my obsession with historic southern architecture, I’m shocked that I haven’t known about Oakton. Thank you for sharing!

  4. My goodness, when you think it couldn’t get any better. The addition to the house is as interesting as the original! Thanks for the tour.

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