Heading to Cavalier House Books

November 7, 2018


I’m excited to be the featured author and speaker at the Girl’s Night Out in Denham Springs, Louisiana this Friday night, November 9th at the popular Cavalier House Books.  The fun news is . . . all 350 tickets have been sold out! This place is going to rocking with readers!

I’ve heard such great things about Denham Springs and I can’t wait to get there. I’ve been talking to the folks at Cavalier House Books and they couldn’t be nicer. They speak my language – fun ladies — prizes — laughter — and lots of hugs. I’ve never been to a book signing to meet my readers where the bookstore advised me to wear comfortable shoes, but that’s a sign it’s going to be a wild night.

I guess I’ll ditch the regular glass slippers and wear something for jumping around!


Even though tickets are sold out, if you are in the area, stop by Cavalier House Books at some other point to say hello and grab a book. Their store is amazing and you’ll find Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

Here’s a photo taken by Sandra Lunceford from last week when I spoke to 130 members of the Baldwin Senior Travelers. They were a hoot and gave me soup and a sandwich too! It was a stormy, rainy day but this group is adventurous and a little rain didn’t stop them! I made lots of new friends, and even took my sweet mother with me!

Here she is! Click HERE to learn more about the Baldwin Senior Travelers. And cross your fingers and say a prayer for me for lots of fun and the new friends I’ll meet at Cavalier House Books!

Cavalier House Books

100 N. Range Ave.
Denham Springs, LA 70726


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    1. Oh dear! My only regret, our Publisher scheduled our signings back to back and I’ll miss you at Page and Palette! We’ll meet there for coffee next week and you can reenact your signing for me, complete with Folly.

  1. This sounds as if it will be so much fun for reader and author! I have enjoyed your book so much and bought one for my daughter too. The photo of you and your mother is darling!

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