Happy Birthday Week!

August 28, 2015


Leslie Anne TarabellaToday is Lois Lane’s 10th birthday, and my birthday is next week! (Not my tenth).


I usually don’t mention my birthday because well . . . you know. It’s kind of a lady thing to be private. But last year, my husband said, “What do you want to do for your birthday?” I said, “Nothing.” He had the nerve to take me seriously, and we did nothing.


Leslie Anne Harrison, Fairhope ALWell, actually, he did take me out to a movie, but there was nothing else. No party. No friends. Nothing. Why do men listen to what we say? Haven’t there been 437 sit-coms about this very thing? Didn’t he know to ignore what I said? Above is my five year old cake at my Grandparent’s house in DeFuniak Springs, FL. Look at my little Samford University shirt. It’s where my son goes to school now!


Birthday Beagle, Fairhope AL

So anyway, Lois Lane and I decided to let everyone know our birthdays were this week, so if you see us in  downtown Fairhope, you can to buy us a cup of coffee or a bowl of water, or a bowl of coffee and cup of water. We’re not picky.


Lois Lane the Beagle, Fairhope AlabamaLois was born the day before Hurricane Katrina. They were afraid the veterinarian’s office would be closed, so they went ahead and delivered her and her brother and sister a day early. This is a photo I’ve shown you before of when we took Lois back to see her parents and brother on her one year old birthday. Yikes! The boys were so little!

Leslie Anne Harrison, Farihope AL, Fairhope Supply Co. I had a six year old circus-themed party at home, then this cake at my Grandparent’s house in Hartselle, AL with my cousin Pam, who now that I think about it looked a lot like Scout from, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and my cousin Paul, who clearly doesn’t want to be there. The baby is my brother, and for some reason, I was a wild Indian with guinea feathers in my hair that day.


Leslie Anne Harrison, Fairhope AL, Fairhope Supply Co. blog

At ten, I was trying to hide a mouth full of metal. My Mother made the heart shaped cake with hand formed fondant icing flowers spilling over the edges. She taught Martha Stewart everything she knows.


I didn’t mention which day my birthday is because I like to claim the entire week, and on top of that, my over-the-top sensitivity to internet security makes me think if you know my exact birthday, you are one social security number away from stealing my millions of dollars. Hahahaha! No really. I’m serious (about the security, not the millions).


Beagle puppy, Fairhope Supply Co., Fairhope AL
Beagle baby photo.

Have a happy end to August, a great beginning to September. We will be eating lots of cake and dog treats at our house!

***What was your favorite birthday?***



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  1. Well, happy birthday to you and Lois Lane. I love the second picture of you in the feathers. Too cute, and who can’t love a puppy picture?

    1. My husband said that if beagles weren’t such cute puppies, no one would ever have one. He thinks Lois is naughty.

  2. Happy birthday to you and Lois! Both of you are lovely little ones and are improving with age. Have a lovely one.

  3. I know you must be very happy to have a husband who is so careful to follow your specific instructions. Happy birthday week!

  4. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I can’t really tell you a special birthday. My parents were very low key on birthdays. We’d get to chose what to have for dinner and then we got to pick out a new outfit to buy. I don’t every remeber getting candles on a cake to get to blow out. We did more celebration for our kids’ birthdays, but we didn’t have over the top birthday parties that I see the kids have now.

  5. Don’t even get me started on today’s kid’s birthday parties! Incredible, isn’t it? I met a sweet girl years ago in Fairhope who said she was thinking about moving because there wasn’t a good place to have her kid’s birthday parties (Chuck E. Cheese, Skating rinks, etc . . . ) I said, “How about the park?” It was shocking to her that such a simple thing would be fun. But guess what? She did it, loved it, and they stayed in Fairhope.


    I’m glad you have sweet and simple memories of your birthday with family. That’s the best. And thank you for my birthday wishes!

  6. Happy Birthday to you and Lois Lane!! I see you have a Hartselle connection. We live in Priceville but I love Hartselle and I often hop on the interstate and run down to the next exit which is Hartselle. It reminds me of my hometown in North Georgia. My favorite birthday gift was a trip to Vermont for my 50th birthday. This year for my 60th birthday I celebrated with an old friend from our Oak Ridge Tn days…they now live in Las Vegas so it was a fun filled week!

    1. Hartselle is so beautiful, and I hardly have any relatives there now. We sometimes return for Decoration, but when I was younger I spent long weeks there every summer and spring. You live in a beautiful part of the state!

      Birthday trips, especially one to Vermont, sound so fun, but I’m sure the one spent with a good friend was the best! Happy weekend to you, and thanks for the comment!

  7. Happy Birthday to both you and Lois Lane!! I think the older we get a birthday “week” is in order! I’ve been doing that for the last few years! Enjoyed seeing all your birthday memories..simple is best!

  8. You and Lois don’t look anywhere near your age, Darlings! It would be a tossup to say who is the cutest. I hope you and Lois both have many more happy birthdays together!

  9. Happy Birthday to you and Lois Lane!!! 🙂 The cake your mother made for your 10th is beautiful! She must be one talented lady! Have a great weekend! Rhonda

    1. Thank you Rhonda. I tried to find a photo of the cake she made one year that was an exact replica of my Elementary School, since school started on my birthday that year!

  10. Happy Birthday to you and Lois. I celebrated a birthday and a wedding anniversary this month. I seriously love beagles. Growing up as an only child, dogs were my playmates. My dad’s beagles were favorites. They can’t be naughty because they are so darn adorable.

    1. Oh, you’ve got that right. Their cuteness is what saves them! I get a double laugh from Snoopy now, because I recognize the signs of a real beagle — pushing the dinner bowl, sleeping up high on the top of the dog house, the little “dance” he does (Lois does the same thing lying on the ground). And they make great pets for children!
      Happy Birthday and Anniversary to you too!

  11. Happy Birthday! My hubby is the same – he will make a reservation now, so that is an improvement, but I have to be fairly specific. He doesn’t like a fuss on his birthday, so he thinks that applies to me too 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday week and yes, I agree with the security issues…older and wiser for sure,,,maybe I should say wiser and wiser,,,you know being polite about the age thing. Have a great week and if I could be in Fairhope, you would have coffee and LL, a bowl of water and I would enjoy all the places you share about Fairhope.

    1. Wouldn’t that be a fun time! Perhaps someday . . . and we’ll throw in some ice cream too!
      Thanks, Beemie.

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