Happy Birthday Lois Lane!

August 29, 2014


B-Day dogHappy- Yappy Friday to you, and Happy Birthday to Lois Lane!

Yesterday was actually Lois’ 9th birthday. It wasn’t until after the celebration she consented to share this story with you, so I’m a day behind.

11-12-2005 20_34_38 295073Lois Lane was born the day before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. A pure-bred beagle, she comes from a long line of award winning show dogs, and she doesn’t let us forget it.

Image-1Here’s the son who just left for college,  playing with puppy Lois. It seems like it was a few weeks ago.

The day we brought her home, we made a big deal of saying goodbye to Lois’ Grandmother, Mother, Father, Brother and Sister who were all still at the kennel. Once we were in the car, my youngest son, who had just turned 6 years old, started crying. Softly at first, then louder and louder.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“She can’t leave her Mommy! Take her back!” he wailed.

“A-ROOOOO!!!  A-ROOOOOO!” Lois howled her sad beagle-hound-puppy howl that was the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

“But her Mommy is so happy that Lois is going to a nice home with two fun little boys who will love her!” I tried to convince him.



“She misses her MOMMY!!! TAKE HER BACK!!!!!”

The  harder one cried, the harder the other one howled. My older son and I tried our best to calm the two little ones, but they both cried all the way home.

Image-1We managed to get her home and started crate training her. My youngest wouldn’t leave her side. As a matter of fact . . .

Image-3We would often find that Lois had “invited” him in to keep her company. Don’t call child welfare. He did it himself and could easily get out. I swear!  Lois is saying, “Will someone please get this kid out of here?”


That’s why, on her first birthday, we took Lois Lane back to see her Mommy as a little surprise for her. I was nervous they wouldn’t  “bond,” and my son would be crushed, but lo and behold, it was like the best family reunion ever!  The photo above shows one year old Lois saying hello to her Brother Dennis (the Menace) and her dear Mom. Lea, the breeder and expert on all things “beagle” is supervising.

Image-1This is Lois talking to her Sister on their one year old birthday. Lois eventually decided she liked our house and wanted to stay, and my now teenage son still loves his beagle like crazy. She sleeps in his room every night and has had nine great years with us, with many more to come.

_DSC4648-1And every now and then, when we are strolling in lovely downtown Fairhope, we run into Lea, who was Lois’ first Mom and breeder and still has her brother. Lois has a very good life and many friends around town. Happy birthday, hound dog.

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