Bewitched House Tour

October 31, 2013


Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched
My good friend Samantha invited us all over for a Halloween tour of her home!
Welcome to 1164 Morning Glory Circle, the 1960’s retro home of
Samantha and Darrin Stephens.


Bewitched House
 Bewitched aired on television from 1964 – 1972. Much of the action took place in the Stephen’s home which was located on the Warner Brother’s lot. 


Bewitched House Floor Plan, Fairhope Supply Co.
These are house plans were pieced together by Mark Bennett, who has written a book showcasing the floor plans of famous TV houses.

In later years, an episode of “Home Improvement” tore part of the house down, but it was rebuilt in 2000. Recently, the house was used as a neighbor’s house in an episode of “The Middle” with interior shots filmed at Sunset Gower Studios.

Now I want to go back and rewatch all “The Middle” episodes to see if I can spot the house. 

Bewitched House Tour, Fairhope Supply Co.
Here is the episode where we first saw the traditional home. 
Samantha and her Mother, Endora took a tour.
The design elements of this time period were clean and venturing into futuristic. Shaking free from the rigid 1950’s people were experimenting with a new modern approach to living.
It was the beginning of a gradual slide into the beanbag chair and hanging bead trends. 
Bewitched oven, Fairhope Supply Co.
In earlier episodes, Samantha had a Frigidaire Flair oven, which was fascinating. These are now collectible and extremely difficult to find.
Bewitched House Tour, Fairhope Supply Co.
Another view of the oven later on, when brick walls had replaced the wallpaper, and Uncle Arthur was “stewing” about something.
Tabitha's room on Bewitched
Tabitha’s nursery was so pretty and looked like a dreamy princess room.
Bewitched House Tour, Fairhope Supply Co.
I don’t recall this brown sofa or shaggy carpet in the living room, but look at Sam’s cool pig-tails and mini skirt. This must have been towards the very end of the series in the 70’s.
Nice patchwork pillows too.
Bewitched House Tour, Fairhope Supply Co.
This is the more familiar groovy-green patterned sofa.
Another view of the living room.
Aunt Clara was always falling out of the fireplace.
Gladys Kravits Bewitched
Large front windows were necessary for Mrs. Cravitz to peer through. 
Which Mrs. Cravitz do you remember best?
Abner! Abner! Come look!
The Bewitched House Tour
The avocado green washer and dryer right in the kitchen was a great modern convenience.
Okay, if I had the magical gift of a twitchy nose, there would 
never be a need for a washer or dryer. 
Clean laundry would be the first trick of every day.
Samantha Bewitchted
Samantha loved decorating and crafting projects, as proof of her painting pretty little ponies on Tabatha’s bed (which if I remember correctly, later came to life). 
Samantha was a crafty blogger born too soon.
Halloween Bewitched House Tour
Happy Halloween 
from Samantha’s house to yours!
Click here for a tour of my favorite Fairhope homes by my favorite architects.
  • Matilda Gage says:

    I enjoyed that!

  • Effective Presenter says:

    The brown living room with shag carpeting had been the last 2 seasons Endora loved the new look.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Great memory or lots of re-run watching! Thanks.

  • Kip E. Makeever says:

    Hello Leslie,
    I am wondering if you know the name of the painting above the fireplace in your living room picture of Samantha’s house? I studied that painting in college and would like to recall the name.
    Another tidbit is that I met Elizabeth Montgomery in the late 70’s while she was visiting a friend in Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, CA. She was sweet and personable as she was on Bewitched. Saddened that she passed away so young.

    • What an interesting bit about the painting, but no, I don’t know anything about it. So lucky that you were able to meet Elizabeth Montgomery. I always thought she seemed like a fun person when interviewed. Thanks for the note.

  • Just now seeing this. Fascinating! Loved that show. I like the striped awnings in the house photo at the top. Also, my son and I used to love watching The Middle together. Funny show!

    • It was very fashionable at that time! Samantha always had it easy keeping everything neat and tidy.

  • Loved this! What great memories these photos stir up. Thank you for all your research on putting this together. I just thought about this show tonight!

  • We had one of those Flair stoves, only ours was not a double oven. Wish we’d kept it!

    Loved seeing Samantha’s house again. Just trying to remember though, did they decorate for Halloween?

    • I think I do remember a Halloween episode, but like everyone else . . . people back then didn’t do things to excess like we do now. Just a regular old Jack-o-lantern was all that most people used. Now, we’ll have to go back and watch to see how they decorated!

  • Talk about a walk down memory lane. One of my favorite shows. Thanks for taking us on a tour!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure this house was also used in the “home movie” clips in the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

  • I loved this show. I remember the Mrs. Cravitz on the left. Laundry and toilets would be the first on my list if all I had to do was twitch my nose.

  • Oh my gosh, I loved this show! I used to try to twitch my mouth in the same way, but nothing ever happened! 😉 We did however have beads in my kitchen growing up…groovy!

  • Interesting blog. I had not thought of Samantha in years but it was certainly a favorite show. What a nice walk down memory lane.

  • This summer, I watched a lot of Bewitched on METV and enjoyed looking at the vintage items sitting on shelves or the table in Samantha’s kitchen. And I still love avocado green.
    What a nice house tour! Thanks so much for this post.

  • So much fun! Thanks for another post taking me back in time to my childhood living room watching Bewitched. Unfortunately, we only had a black and white tv back then, so I don’t remember the show in color. I loved Uncle Arthur and Aunt Clara. That stove is so cool!

  • Anonymous says:

    That picture at the top reminds me of someone I met in college.

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