Gulf Coast Snow?/Parade Review

December 8, 2017


Not fluffy white cotton fields, and not the sugary white beaches, but just maybe in the next day or two we are expecting real – live snow! Well, at least they are expecting it about 15 miles north of here, but don’t you think it could blow down our way? In typical Gulf Coast weather patterns, I was wearing shorts on Tuesday, and by Wednesday was freezing! My uncle in Birmingham has already sent photos of his yard covered in snow this morning! I immediately texted my son up there and told him not to drive today. I don’t know if his classes will be cancelled at Samford or not.

Friday night is the North Pole Stroll under the millions of twinkling lights in downtown Fairhope. I’ll be camped out and cuddled up warmly at The Fairhope Artist Gallery – 18 S. Section Street meeting all the fun people and signing books. If you are in the area, bundle up and pop in for a snack and say hello. If there’s snow, you know we’ll all be going crazy — in a good way, of course!


Warning: poor quality photos ahead, my deepest apologies!

Last Friday night was the Annual Fairhope Christmas Parade. Here I am celebrating with the happiest of majorettes! So  poised and beautiful. When they marched past , they tossed their batons high into the air, and every single one caught them! It was a “no-drop-night!”

I helped WABF 1480AM  broadcast live with Mark Swally from  . . . the back of  a pick-up truck parked in front of Greer’s Market. I was cracking up that we were standing in a truck. Is that totally small-town Alabama or what? It was actually an awesome view and we had a blast. And yes, I had the charm-school savvy to slide/hop/wiggle into the back of that truck bed while wearing a skirt that only a Southern woman could accomplish. Modesty intact? Check.


Instead of regular microphones this year, we used iphones, and we didn’t realize they have noise cancelling technology, so when we’d tell our listeners, “Here’s the Fairhope High School Band – listen for a minute . . .” they couldn’t hear anything. Only our voices were carried over the phones, so I think we had some dead air time. Ooops! Live and learn. Above, I’m interviewing the charming Dogwood Trail Maid of the month, Caroline Toombs. She was elegant and knew exactly what to say. The Dogwood Trail Maids is an excellent program that represents our area of Baldwin County all over the country.


And my dear friend, Karyn Tunks, stopped by to say hello. Mardi Gras beads are even thrown around here for Christmas, making it another sparkly, fun, holiday!

That’s all of the parade, but don’t forget Friday, December 8th’s North Pole Stroll! Pull out that coat and gloves you haven’t used in a few years and come on downtown for the fun!




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