A summer story – Gulf Coast Beaches

July 8, 2014


I think summertime is the best backdrop for storytelling. There's more freedom, beauty and possibilities for adventure. 

summer story, Fairhope Alabama

What story are you writing this summer? You still have time to weave a good tale.

Gulf Coast Beaches, Gulf Shores ALIs it a story of relaxing on the beach? The summer of travel? Perhaps your story is the summer of love or loss, of adventure or mystery. Maybe you are writing the first chapter of a new story, or you’re tying up the last chapter of an old, worn and tired tale.

The good thing about a summer story, is it keeps moving and changing. Day by sunny day, there’s always something more to write, a new page to turn, a new character to introduce or a new scene to explore.

Fairhope Alabama

I’m blessed with having the perfect natural beauty of the Gulf Coast beaches, and the laid back friendliness of the local people, which merge together to create the backdrop for my summer stories.

Fairhope, Gulf Shores Alabama

So, if you were to write your summer story (so far), what would it be? And more importantly, how will you let it end?

The Gulf of Mexico, Fairhope Supply Co. blogTo inspire your summer story and see the complete collection of maps, photographs, travel tips and hot spots along the Gulf Coast Beaches, click HERE to see the new Pinterest page.

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