Greenery 2017

January 23, 2017


I know I’m a step behind, getting the new year off to a slow but wonderful start. Travel plus the flu have pushed my new year back a bit, but thankfully, this weekend I was finally able to get (most of ) the Christmas decorations put away.
Here’s my method; pile it all on the table while eating Chex Mix, then sort it out from there.



That’s why I’m just now focusing on what is important in life . . . the Pantone Color of the Year!

Such excitement can’t be found in any other galaxy but ours. And here it is . . . greenery.


Not just green. But “GREENERY.”  Pantone has named an official color each year since 2000 (before that, I just perused my Crayola box for direction). The color of the year is chosen based on the, “cultural climate.”


Their web site says that greenery signifies beginnings, freshness, health, vegetarian trends, grass (really? that’s a stretch to get “grass” out of green!), spring and summer. It isn’t forest green, nor the lime green popular in years past, but a medium sort of green.

Here’s your ha-ha for the week. Here I am in college with my darling husband Bob at the Delta Tau Delta formal in 198 . . .?. I was determined not to show up wearing anything remotely similar to the other girls who usually wore black, red or blue, so I had a special taffeta green dress made. The dress had a big bow on my right shoulder and asymmetrical gathers with another big bow on my left hip. It was floor length with a slit on the side, which showed my green pumps, dyed to match perfectly. I had piled my long hair on top of my head and thought it was quite elegant. Bob was as cute as ever.


The official Pantone number of Greenery is: 15-0343, and actually  . . . I like it.


For some strange reason, my favorite color has changed in and out about every seven years. Green used to be my all time favorite, but now I’m more of an orange person, but green still hangs strong with blue. So, I guess I’m a happy camper when it comes to greenery.

Just don’t give me “grey-ery.” Not a grey person at all. And guess what “Leslie” means? “From the grey fortress.”



What do you think? Are you a greenery lover? I’m just fascinated that someone has the job of choosing these colors every year. Or writing this kind of description — although, they managed to drag politics into something like a color. Geez! When and where will it end?


What’s your color of the year? Did you have a green taffeta dress in college?


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