Graduation Cookies

May 13, 2014



One more week until Graduation Day for my senior! We’ve already had a school wide awards ceremony, senior breakfast at church and Baccalaureate. This week is a year end band concert, another night will be an awards ceremony. The senior picnic is tomorrow down on Mobile Bay, and another senior breakfast preceding cap and gown pick-up will be at the end of the week. Senior recognition Sunday is next week at church. I must remember to get film for the camera! (That’s what my Mother always said).

Oh . . . they are also taking final exams.


I’m not very organized, because I am also trying to focus on packing my son up to leave home THE DAY AFTER GRADUATION!!! (sob).

He has a fabulous job at an out of state summer camp he loves. So, what’s a Mom to do? He’ll have a great time and then pretty much, go straight to college in the fall. He’s not packed yet, but  the good news is . . .


The graduation cookies are ready to go!

icingLast week, I showed you this prep work. Mixing the dough, rolling, cutting, baking and icing.

cookie collageI think I did about 200 caps, gowns and diplomas.

IMG_8865Sometimes, I use a pastry bag to edge and add details, which is more exact and neater, but I was in an artsy mood and wanted the cookies to have more of a “painted” look.

IMG_8909To decorate these, I added the highlight colors with a regular old table knife while the base icing was still wet. It gave them more of a swirled and abstract look.

IMG_8880For the word “Diploma,” I used a food coloring pen. I’ve already given out bags to two different school groups, one church group and have one more “friend” group to go. That’s a lot of blue tongues for the senior class of 2014!

Now, to figure out how I can go to camp with him.

Take a look at this Pinterest page for great Graduation and general party ideas.

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  1. The cookies are works of art and too pretty to eat! Somehow, the gowns remind me of paper doll clothes that I loved playing with…although none of my paper dolls ever graduated, just went on fun outings. You’re so creative!

  2. I was also thinking tiny edible works of art. What a pleasure it must be to receive a gift bag of something obviously made by hand – with love.

  3. I think that camp needs a cookie Diva! Or a cookie mama for lonely campers? You would be perfect.

  4. It is a whirlwind of calendar events for graduation. Exhausting, but sooo much fun! Love the cookies. We are heading to Gulf Shores soon and will stop in Fairhope on the way home. All because of you. I can’t wait to be downtown for real!

  5. These are awesome! I’m really wishing you had a 2016 graduate coming along. I’ll just share this post with those crafty moms in JT’s graduating class!

  6. A heart wrenching time for sure, but wowza what wonderful cookies you have created, they look absolutely fabulous! I love how you packaged them too, what a great treat!

  7. Congrats to your Grad. My baby graduated last year, it’s both exciting and heartbreaking that their all grown and moving on to new things.
    These cookies look great and I’m sure they taste even better.
    I would love for you to share this at my t.g.i.f. linky party 🙂 Have great weekend!!

  8. Oh Leslie Anne, those cookies are wonderful. I got tired trying to think how many you were making to give away. Hope you saved some for yourself!;)
    BTW, the first few weeks are the hardest to adjust when your child goes away to college. Not usually for them as they are the ones on the new adventure and making new friends. And then there’s the “money calls”…the ones when they call to check on the home folks….then casually mention they need another deposit into their bank account.

    Best wishes for your son and you!

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